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10 healthy desserts for a New Year’s Eve party

Christmas is gone and the end of the year is almost here. I put a list with 1 healthy desserts to impress your guests. They are easy to made and very healthy. So next to your fancy dress and your beautiful decorations, your guests will be mesmerized by your desserts.

Some recipes are raw, for some recipe you will need use the oven. But they all take little time and little effort.  Enjoy!

  1. Chocolate cupcakes without sugar and flour
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting

2. Raw vegan cheese cake

raw vegan cheese cake

3. Dessert raw vegan

dessert raw vegan

4. Raw cheese cake

Raw cheese cake with raspberry sauce

5. Raw chocolate truflles

Raw chocolate truffles

6. Chia seeds pudding in layers


7. Raw vegan snickers cake


8. Raw vegan cheesecake

raw cheese cake

9. Mini lemon bundt cakes


10. Pears baked in pastry



40 thoughts on “10 healthy desserts for a New Year’s Eve party

  1. Hi there! Thanks for supporting my blog all this time 🙂 I love what you do with your recipes, and your photos of food are absolutely mouth-watering! Who knew that healthy food could look so tasty?

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