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Thank you

This post is about you. All of you out there. Thank you for reading my blog, for being part of my story and my ride in the blog community. I tried to thank you individually, but if I managed to not answer please forgive me. I read all your comments because you are my inspiration.… Continue reading Thank you


The Real Neat Blog Award

Good mother diet has nominated Cooking Without Limits for the Real Neat Blog Award. Good mother diet is a great blog about food and life where you have healthy recipes and also Meatless Monday or Wheatless Wednesday. Check the blog and wait to be surprised. This award is another friendly and light-hearted award to get to know… Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award



Thank you to Sadie's Nest for nominating me for the Starlight Blogger Award. I am flatter and happy you find my posts inspiring. This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers. The Starlight Blogger Award is the nomination and award in itself, it is the recognition of bloggers by bloggers. The rules of this award… Continue reading THE STARLIGHT BLOGGER AWARD



Thanks to Emgndesigns, Petalandmortar and Dreamgardening, I have been nominated for the Creative Blogger’s Award. Thank you all very much. Getting so much messages about my blog as being inspiring, thoughtful or creative makes me  put more thought and energy into making it better. The Rules Nominate 10-15 blogs and notify all via their social media/blogs Thank… Continue reading THE CREATIVE BLOGGER’S AWARD