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Autumn recipe

I made a list of my favorite recipes for autumn. I love the nature in the fall. I love foraging mushrooms and cooking them. Boletus cream soup Boletus cream soup Baked sweet brown pumpkin with mushrooms White moussaka Stuffed peppers with turkey breast Omelet with chanterelles Fish stew Roasted turkey legs Ratatouille in a pumpkin… Continue reading Autumn recipe

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White Moussaka

White Moussaka I love Moussaka, but when you don’t have all the ingredients in the fridge, you adapt the recipe. So this is what I did. My husband loved it and he is a tough judge. It is a simpler recipe and a lot easy to make, but very tasteful. Ingredients: Chicken breastPotatoes2 white onions2… Continue reading White Moussaka

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Vegan red bell peppers stuffed with quinoa

Vegan red bell peppers stuffed with quinoa I love stuffed red peppers. I used to make them with meat, but since I am trying to eat less meat, I looked for vegan or vegetarian recipes for stuffed peppers. This one is with the ingredients I had in my kitchen, as always. Ingredients: 3 cups cooked… Continue reading Vegan red bell peppers stuffed with quinoa