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Desserts for Christmas

Today I made a list of possible sweets I want to make for Christmas. The first one is a must, because I just love the crunchy feeling in that dessert. Also, it is so easy to do and with no great skills.

How about your list? Is it long, short, easy or difficult?

  1. Chocolate baklava  GAB_5526_res_mix
  2. Pear and yogurt tart   GAB_1609_mix
  3. Chocolate Pavlova  GAB_3651_res_mix
  4. Dessert in a glass   GAB_3643_res_mix
  5. Hot chocolate   gab_3819_res_mix
  6. Raw chocolate truffles  gab_5850_res_mix
  7. Baked apples  gab_1280_res_mix_
  8. Raw cheese cake  gab_5186_res_mix

As you can see, most of my recipes are with chocolate. For me Christmas without chocolate is dull. I am waiting for your list.



112 thoughts on “Desserts for Christmas

  1. I like seeing the raw cheesecake on your list because that’s what I made this year! Peanut butter + cream cheese + small bit of sugar + whipped cream, in a gingersnap-cookie crust with a little bit of melted chocolate drizzled on crust before filling…then chocolate ganache drizzled over the top when done. Peanut butter and ginger? Yes indeed! And raw cheesecakes are SO easy & quick! Happy New Year of baking to you!

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