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Desserts for Christmas

Today I made a list of possible sweets I want to make for Christmas. The first one is a must, because I just love the crunchy feeling in that dessert. Also, it is so easy to do and with no great skills.

How about your list? Is it long, short, easy or difficult?

  1. Chocolate baklava  GAB_5526_res_mix
  2. Pear and yogurt tart   GAB_1609_mix
  3. Chocolate Pavlova  GAB_3651_res_mix
  4. Dessert in a glass   GAB_3643_res_mix
  5. Hot chocolate   gab_3819_res_mix
  6. Raw chocolate truffles  gab_5850_res_mix
  7. Baked apples  gab_1280_res_mix_
  8. Raw cheese cake  gab_5186_res_mix

As you can see, most of my recipes are with chocolate. For me Christmas without chocolate is dull. I am waiting for your list.


112 thoughts on “Desserts for Christmas”

  1. Oooh lovely! We always have Christmas cake a family friend makes (she’s a retired wedding cake maker!) Mum does Christmas pudding, mum in law makes trifle and buys mince pies .. then my daughter and I make a chocolate Yule log (choc Swiss roll with rough choc buttercream for bark) so plenty of choice! ☺ thanks for your yummy ideas x

  2. Thanks for your awesome list and great ideas! I have only made an old English fruitcake, for my mom and boyfriend, they love that stuff but, I agree with you on chocolate !!! 😀

  3. Please can you visit me, a little bit like a bakery Santa Claus, and leave all of these treats on my fireplace? Thanks, I promise I have been extra specially good this year and deserve large portions of everything before 2018. 🙂

  4. Wow! Great list, thank you! You’ve got me thinking… mine would have to include, and indeed always does, Nigel Slater’s Clementine Triffle, and now I’m dreaming of your pear and yoghurt tarts and chocolate pavlova!!!!

      1. It’s one of the best trifles ever. The sponge is home made, which is more effort but very worth it. It’s a light, buttery moist clementine sponge and that elevates the whole thing above all others, in my view!

  5. First,
    Thank you for liking my blogs post on my new WP blog!
    I love your list agree with you about chocolate, for me, the darker the better. My mother made baked apples a lot, she added butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon—and I’m sure vanilla extract. I need to do that soon. Great list, Thank you! ~ Rann

  6. I wish I had time to do these… well I’m going to try to find it, because in a well respected bar yesterday for desserts I had a strawberry Magnum with white chocolate… there’s gotta be something better than this!

  7. I like individual puddings like your dessert in a glass. I’ve been finding myself wanting to go back to old fashioned decadent cooking, nothing fancy, no frills but don’t know what to do yet……

  8. My family always makes traditional Concelle (Molise region of Italy name) aka Pizelles, and Biscotti… I’d love to try the chocolate baklava though, perhaps I’ll add it to my Christmas menu list since I can’t decide what to make for my Fiance and I, as this is our first Christmas away from family, and home 😦 haha .
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    M & Bear

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