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Kids in the kitchen – yes or no

We have just a few days left until Christmas, so most of us started the preparation for the Christmas dinner. In my family, we cook a lot, and even when I told them that is a lot a food no one listen to me. So, I try to cook small portions.

Because of that I have time to spend with my little boy in the kitchen. He wants to make cookies or cakes so we are gone do them together.

The first time I let him in the kitchen to cook it was a disaster. We made cookies and all the house was full with flour. The second time, we managed to have flour only in the kitchen. Next times, we managed to keep everything in the kitchen, but it was a struggle.

From all of this I learned a lot and I want to help you, if you need help, of course.

1. Be prepared for a disaster – Even in the best case scenario the kitchen will still be a disaster.

2. Stay calm – You will get more done when you are calm. If you are angry, your kid will be angry too.

3. Don’t expect an amazing result. Consider it a test. I used to give my boy a space to work where he can play with the ingredients, but, he will invade my work space and play with my ingredients. So now we do everything together in small steps.

4. Choose easy recipes. If your recipe will take long or is to difficult your kid will get bored. Imagine a kid dressed in dough and flour running around the house.

5. Encourage him along the way and give him responsibilities. Tell him/ her that is doing a good job.

6. Be careful with your kids around the fire and sharp objects. I have only one child so it feels that I can supervise him alone, but if you have more small kids use your relatives to help you supervise them. They tend to be attracted by the most dangerous parts of the cooking process.

7. Present the result to all the family and give him credit, too. Explain that it was a team effort so he learns about team work.

8. Put him to clean the kitchen after cooking. He needs to learn about the not funny part too. He can wash dishes, etc.

9. He needs to taste what he cooked too, so don’t forget that.

We have a very small kitchen and not very bright, so photos from our adventures are out of the way. Also, with flour on your hands, I don’t near my camera so I don’t ruin it, so here are some after photos.

So, I say YES to all the kids in the kitchen. Go and have fun with them making what you like.

He is happy, you are happy because he is happy and in the end you are teaching him love, to cook, to spend time with his family, to be responsible, etc.

Now, I have to go and start making Christmas cards together with my son.

86 thoughts on “Kids in the kitchen – yes or no

  1. Both my grandmother and my father at times taught me different things in the kitchen. Both baking and cooking. I made my first easy Sunday dinner with my grandmother when I was about 10 years old. When I was 16, I hosted (at my grandparent’s) and cooked a Christmas dinner for about 35 of a my relatives. I made everything but a Jell-O salad, since my aunt insisted on bringing something. However, my although my grandma was depression-era, she learned to *not* make everything 100% from scratch later on to save time.

  2. I remember how much mess I made in kitchen and my mom would sometimes shoo me out of the kitchen. I am happy you are letting your kid cook with you. It’s awesome. ☺️

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