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Pasca – Traditional Romanian sweet bread for Easter

Our Easter Pasca is made on Great Thursday (Thursday before Easter) and is considered the most important bread of the year. It can be simple, with jagged margins, or it can have dough braided edges. Sometimes a cross-shaped braid is placed in the middle, representing the crucifixion of Jesus. You can make this cross out… Continue reading Pasca – Traditional Romanian sweet bread for Easter

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Easter menu

Easter holiday is in 1 week and most of us start cooking this week. We have all traditions to keep, recipes from our grandmothers to prepare and menu to make. Time will pass so fast next week so make a list this weekend with all the dishes you think about making for Easter. It will… Continue reading Easter menu

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Crepe cake with blueberries

For a special treat for your woman I prepared something simple and easy to do. So, gentlemen, here is a simple but a beautiful dessert to celebrate your woman. Even the kids can do it. We leave the crepes recipe for the men. Kids will help you to arrange the cake. Very healthy for everyone,… Continue reading Crepe cake with blueberries

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What is your favorite breakfast food?

I am not a morning person, so cooking breakfast is still a working process. My mom used to make me breakfast before school: eggs, cheese, bread with butter and jam, hot chocolate. When I was at University I would wake up at noon and first bite was some chocolate. Really bad for my health. I… Continue reading What is your favorite breakfast food?


Collaboration with Sweet Spell

Sweet Spell  invited me to participate in a collaborations. The theme of the first week were the cakes and I participated with my  Cake with pears for autumn days . The other cakes are definitely noteworthy, therefore I invite you to look at them. If you want to participate, email me and I will give you information and help. Honey… Continue reading Collaboration with Sweet Spell