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14th October – National Dessert Day in USA

To celebrate National Dessert Day in USA (14th October) I am making a list with my favorite desserts. I am from Romania and living in Romania and we don’t have a dessert day. So I will celebrate with the rest of the countries in the world. Do you know another National Dessert Day to celebrate?

  1. Pears baked in pastry cover2
  2. Crepe cake with blueberries  GAB_3022_res_mix
  3. Chocolate cupcakes without sugar and flour  
    Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting

  4. Raw vegan snickers cake  GAB_5537_res_mix
  5. Chocolate dessert  GAB_3643_res_mix
  6. Raw chocolate truffles  
    Raw chocolate truffles

  7. Chia seeds pudding  chia seeds pudding
  8. Wild strawberries with sour cream  wild strawberries and sour cream
  9. Oven baked French toast  GAB_4139_res_mix
  10. Pear and yogurt tart  tart



62 thoughts on “14th October – National Dessert Day in USA

  1. The pictures look great. I, kind of, celebrate National Desert Day every year as it is also my birthday. A birthday I share with President Eisenhower, whose birthday should be celebrated.

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