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Crepe cake with blueberries


For a special treat for your woman I prepared something simple and easy to do. So, gentlemen, here is a simple but a beautiful dessert to celebrate your woman. Even the kids can do it.

We leave the crepes recipe for the men. Kids will help you to arrange the cake. Very healthy for everyone, I can’t guarantee that your kids will not eat it during the process.


  • Crepes
  • Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 orange


You can find here the recipe for the Crepes. Let them chill covered so they don’t become hard.

Cut the crepes with a big cookie cutter or a sharp mug. On a plate put a crepe and then a layer of blueberries. I left my blueberries to defrost. They are wild blueberries so are a little small than the one in the stores, but they taste better.

Add another crepes on top of the blueberries and then another layer of  blueberries. My cake has 3 layer of crepes and 2 layers of blueberries. You can make it bigger if you want.

Decorate with pieces of oranges.

You can change the blueberries with jam, chocolate sauce or whip cream. Enjoy!


61 thoughts on “Crepe cake with blueberries

  1. Somebody needs to make this for me ASAP. Lowkey sending this to the husband as a massive hint hahaha. Seriously, these look so divine. And so simple! I tell you, it really is the simple pleasures in life. 🙂

  2. I am so glad you emphasized fresh or frozen blueberries. I love blueberries, but can ONLY have them fresh or just frozen. Anything past that makes me feel like Violet Beauregarde on Willy Wonka at the dessert portion of the total meal gum.


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