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An easy way to start learning about food photography

I wrote some posts about food photography on my blog, but they are not in the normal order. For a person who just starts learning is a little difficult to look for it, so I made a list with all the posts in the proper order. It will be easy to read them all or just the ones that you need.

We start with the basic ones some summary about food photography, tips and types. Then we go in details about white balance, depth of field, light, props, etc.

Learning about photography

For food photography you can use any camera you have or you like. In this post you will read about some of them and see if you like the one you use or you want to upgrade it.

Smartphone, compact camera or DSLR

In this 2 posts I am talking about the lens I use for food photography.

My lens for food photography

Nikon Micro Nikkor 105mm F2.8

The importance of White balance in photography:

White balance

How to use in your advantage DOF – depth of field


Here are some settings for a dish with examples:

Lighting 1

Lighting 2

Same settings and lighting – different photos

I can talk all day about props you use in your food photography, white or black background and the way they change the story in your photo. Here are some posts about it.

Black or white background

Props for food photography

Glasses and jars

Props or less props

Same food – different props

Here are some amazing photographers that inspire me all these years. Make a list of your own and keep it close.


I still have to learn a lot about retouching, but here are some of my examples that can help you at the begging.

Post processing

Food retouching in Photoshop



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  1. This post is very useful – thanks for consolidating all of the information together! I will definitely use this as a reference! I’m going to try to apply it to my photography! Can’t wait!

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