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Make time for your food photography


Food photography has become more and more important through the years. Food photography is considered as one of the most difficult genres of photography but has more commercial value than wedding or portrait photography.

Many people asked me why is so hard to take good food photos? I will answer that everything in life is hard. Good photos come with years of experience, equipment, a stylist, a vision, etc. Many of food bloggers don’t have time to loose on settings or money on expensive equipment. They just want to take better photos of what they do right now.

I will say MAKE TIME. Make time to understand your camera, make time to read about styling a plate and how to improve your photos. A good photo  can save a bad food and can attract more people to read your recipe.

It took me a few years to decide what type of photography I wanna do. I did portraits and travel photography. After having the baby I continued to shoot portraits and travel and I start shooting food. It looked so simple, but when I shoot the first photos I did not like the result.

So I start reading and watching videos, bought a book, and shoot as much as I could. I don’t have a studio room, so every time I shoot I improvise a studio on my terrace or in my living room. It takes me 1 hour to put the lights and 30 min to take everything down. My baby sleeps 1.5 h – 2 h, so I don’t have enough time for studio lights. So I start learning about natural light and shooting with different backgrounds.

It’s a lot of work and not all the time I am happy with the final photo, but is good for the learning process. I have a huge list of food photographers and food bloggers that I like. I am looking everyday at minimum 20 great food photos. I have a notebook and I write down ideas.

Don’t invest a lot of money in an expensive camera just to take photos of your food for the blog. Is a huge mistake and you will be sorry. Don’t compare yourself to a professional  food photographer. You will never gone win. The only one person to compare with you. Your photos 2 months ago before learning about food photography and now.

This is what I do. I look back at my work and try to see if my photos are better or not.

In February 2012, I decided I wanna become a food photographer. It’s a long process but I am happy I found something that I love. Here you have an example of my evolution over 2 years and 10 months. The fist photo is actually the first food photo that I took.

food photo

As you can see  with a lot of reading and practice I managed to improve my food photography a lot. (using props, styling,lights, story)

Another example is some home made cookies. The same recipe, different photos in different years:

food photo

Exactly 2 years between these photos. I love the second one. Gives me a cold feeling, a winter feeling .

Photography changes every day, so I need to be aware of the new trends. I want more from my photos and I MAKE TIME to make them look good. So MAKE TIME.

Good light and great photos!


242 thoughts on “Make time for your food photography

  1. This was a really great post and the pictures features were really attractive. Do you have any recommendations for a camera? (reasonable quality and price?)

    1. Thank you. I get this question lots of time. My recommendation is to go to a camera shop. Find some cameras around your budget and then study what you want and need from the camera. This is what I did every time I changed my camera. Read reviews and write down the important things. Last thing is to hold cameras in your hand, play with the menu. You will fell in love with one in the end.

  2. I loved what you said about comparing yourself to yourself … how have you improved over time. This is the same self assessment I use with my elementary school students and is also how I do my evaluations of those same students. Thanks for the advice and for the reality reminder!

  3. Hiya, thanks for the like and dropping by 🙂 Have only had a brief look at your posts so far but just wanted to say that I love your photos – I’ve only just started experimenting with my new camera but will definitely have a read through some of your tips and can only wish my photos will be as good as yours some day!

  4. Wonderful tips and real inspiration to get better at taking photographs of food. Your two photos of the cookies really show just how much you improved in two years. Congratulations. Your hard work really paid off. Your blog looks beautiful.

  5. I really appreciate this post. I have just been reading all your posts on photography as I am inspired by your gorgeous food photos. Reading this post about making the time really struck home. Thanks for putting out there that it isn’t easy, and you just have to make photography a priority to become better.

  6. Your pictures are so beautiful. I won’t be investing in equipment and lighting and so on, but I still appreciate your tips.

    I did have to laugh when you mentioned taking the time to get better pictures. I have played with styling food and different sources of light (outdoors is fantastic), but there are times I hear, “Can I eat now?” Oops… not a photographer, just a home cook! ha ha

  7. love the fact that u are so honest with your posts… i can connect with that honesty as most of us photographers feel like that… I totally agree with your comment that u need to compete with urself… pleasure reading ur posts n enjoying your pics… Thanks

  8. Your photos are stunning–the time absolutely pays off! Thanks for sharing your tips! On this platform, visual aids and photographs are so important, but a poorly taken photo can be even more damaging than not having one at all. I’ve been struggling with judging what elements make up a good photo, particularly where food is concerned–dealing with questions like what’s a flattering angle, what sort of lighting should I try, etc. But yours are incredible and have given me inspiration in photographing food in the future!

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