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Food Photography : Inspiration

It took me some years to decide which type of photography I want to do. After that, it was easy. I will go on internet and find food photographers and checked their photos and try to imagine the lighting. Inspiration for us is just around the cornet… I mean everywhere. I have pieces of magazines with things I liked and I want to try to shoot.

I will give you some photographer which I love and are an inspiration for anyone.

  1. Helen Pe
  2. Penny De Los Santos
  3. Andy Prhat
  4. Simon Bajada
  5. Ira Leoni
  6. Sarah Gardner
  7. Wolfgang Kleinschmidt
  8. Keiko Oikawa
  9. What Katie ate
  10. Jenny Grimsgard
  11. Franck Hame
  12. Francine Zaslow
  13. Diana Miller
  14. David Loftus
  15. Clara Gonzalez
  16. Beatrice Peltre
  17. Aya Nishimura
  18. Anders Schonnemann
  19. Alexandra Grablewski
  20. Mythja






17 thoughts on “Food Photography : Inspiration

  1. Gorgeous photography!!! If I had a big kitchen, I would paper the walls with your photos. Thanks for sharing and I will look forward to seeing more! 🙂

  2. Hi there lady blogger from *Cooking Without Limits*… (~_*) Thank you for having liked one of my posts on my blog…Appreciate it much!

    When I wake up, I’ll read some of your things…

    Take care,

    Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)
    Love Peace Music

    1. I bought from a friend a Nikon compact in 2006. Went to Greece and start taking lots of photos, tourist photos. I started a competition with a friend about our photos and I discover that I really started to like it. From then it was a lot of reading, taking photos and studying. It’s hard, but if you like it you will be just fine. Just find someone to inspire you and try to make the same photos. When I look back, my food photos were very bad. No composition, bad light, no props, etc. This was 2 years ago (I was shooting portraits, landscapes and interiors till then). You will learn all your life, or at least as long you wanna take photos.

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