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Food Lighting II



Before I set up the shot I have a story in mind. A story which at the end of the shoot I have to see it in my photos. Sometimes inspirations comes during the shoot, but most of the time, I have already the story in my head.

I wanted a 45 degree camera angle on the subject placed on black background, which was a old black tray. In the back and the right of the subject I have a 20 cm black background.  Camera is on a tripod and set to F/6.3, 1/4 sec and ISO-100. The light here comes from my left side and back from 2 walls made of windows. A cloudy day, made it perfect for what I had in mind.

Most of the time I use natural light. I have to work fast, but food has a great texture.

So, is easy and simple. Just need to look for the light or adjust the one that you have. Have fun!



27 thoughts on “Food Lighting II

  1. Love this!! My biggest struggle is trying to capture my food well. I just wrote about that in my 100th post. I so want to be better at it so thank you for sharing this!!! 🙂

  2. Haha! Tip one, maybe I need to get off the iphone and use a real camera! (Which I do Actually have!)

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog today. Wow, how inspiring and useful! It is so important to make food look good in pictures, in addition to making it well. Looking forward to your lovely posts and I hope to improve in mine 🙂

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