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I have been asked about online courses or books about photography or food photography many times. Learning about photography is a long process and takes time and practice, patience and love for this beautiful art. There is no recipe for learning or any magic trick. I am no expert, but I can share with you my learning process. It took me lots of years to get here and will take more years to move forward.

Photography started as a hobby and was a hobby for 4 – 5 years. I read a lot about it and most of the reading was online or from books because I couldn’t find a proper photography course in my city at that time.

Learn the basics and practice a lot. Be prepare for feedback. At the begging you will get a lot of bad reviews, but in time you will start to do better and your reviews will get better. Don’t be mad, people tend to forget that they were in your place too. Remember that you are just learning.

Another big step is to choose which part of photography you want to learn. Some people will say that photography is photography so you can shoot everything: food, people, landscape, etc. True. Learn the basic and you will shoot everything, but you will be a mediocre photographer shooting everything. If you want to be good choose something you like and then go back to learning some more. Be the best in an area of photography.

It took me years to decide what I wanted to shoot. I was shooting people, landscape, plants, but never felt like I really found my area. So in 2012, shooting some food in my house I discovered that I like it but I am no good at shooting food.

So I went back to learning. I searched on internet and found food photographers and their websites. Made a big list and start learning from them.  Also, I bought Styling Lighting Photographing Food Professional. This is a food photography book from Lara Ferroni. I love her style and I love this book. It helped me a lot to see what I was doing wrong and improve it.

Another thing that I did was to take a 30 days course of food photography: Learn food photography. It is free and helps you. Make time for it.

Now, I can tell you that the best way to learn about photography is to join a good course. If you can’t find one in your city try one online. But let it be a good one. If you settle for something cheap and bad you will waste money, but the most important, you will waste time and not learning anything.

Find a group of photographers in your area and go out shooting. Exchange ideas, technical stuff and as questions. Don’t be afraid.

If you have a good photographer in your area try and talk to him/her to take you under his/her wing. Pay him to go and work with him, or just intern for a studio. This is a good way to practice. Choose someone good, because you want to go forward, not back.

Go to workshops. Always find photographers that are good. A good workshop is not cheap but is a great way to learn from the photographer you really admire.

Good luck!

166 thoughts on “Learning photography

  1. I’ve found that practice, practice, practice worked the most for me. I’ve read countless blogs, articles, and books; watched unlimited videos and sat in seminars; and then went to make an unbelievable amount of mistakes before finally finding the skill. Thanks for sharing your tips with the community.

  2. Really helpful. I just started food photography and have been trying to learn as quickly as possible. I already got feedback on my first food post about the colour of the bowl I used (I used a dark purple one and was advised to use white). I went back to retake the photos in a white bowl and the difference was amazing. Thanks for sharing your learning tips!

  3. Thanks nice post here… but the camera for taking the photos is it hard to use/understand or easy… how did you choose your camera?

  4. Oh wow this is great! I have so much to learn on photography, so far is just my cack hand and iPhone! Your photos and blog are inspiring! 😀

  5. I literally just started a food blog to keep my recipes in one spot for my kids to use but I’m having so much fun doing it already! My sister has a fancy cannon camera she’s giving me and I can’t wait to start taking shone great pics, I’ll be sure to read thru your posts, I’ll need all the advice I can get 🙂

  6. I have been following you for a few years. It was the fist thing I noticed. I thought to myself this isn’t some quick cell phone throw together images. I’m not suggesting that cell phone photos aren’t nice. Please no attacks from anyone. Your images scream time, patience and practice. You have definitely achieved it.

  7. I just left a question – “do you give lessons?” on your most recent post, and now I see that you have shared all of these tips. Thank you! What a public service. I hope you will visit my blog in 6 months to see the improvements your guidance has wrought.

  8. I just found your site. It’s wonderful the way the food that you shoot jumps off the page. There’s a certain hill in my area that comes alive with wildflowers every year about this time. I tried to shoot them last year, but could not get the quality nor the realistic look as you do.

  9. Good morning. Thank you for taking a look at my blog, and for “liking” my recent recipe post – Chicken Rice Roger. I just made that recipe again last night for dinner. The picture in my post is from last night. My intention is to go through all of my favorite recipes, make them, and then take a picture. Then I will post them to my blog. If you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at the other recipe I have posted – Dijon Ham & Swiss. These two recipes are probably my favorites – and ones that I have baked the most often over the years. If it’s any indication, my wife reminded me that Chicken Rice Roger was the first meal I ever cooked for her when we met … so I must have been pretty confident in it.

    My blog is very new – started just two weeks ago. I will be adding lots of content over the next few months. I am interested in making it easily searchable on Google, etc. If you don’t mind, please let me know how you were able to search for it. You certainly found it quickly because I just added that recipe last night.

    Anyway, glad to have you aboard. I will take a look at your blog site more thoroughly and Follow you as well. For now, I have Followed you. I also took a look at your post on photography. I very much enjoy taking pictures with my digital camera and have done so over the years while travelling for business and while on vacation. But I have never taken any formal classes before tomorrow night. I am beginning a 2-week photography class here in Albuquerque.

    1. Nice! I found you on wordpress blog. They put all the new post from all the blogs. Maybe was luck that I found you. I look for food or recipe or photography. Can’t wait to see more recipes.

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