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Same settings – different photos


For me, setting up a table for food photography takes time. So, when the light is good, I am in an inspirational mood and I have time, I am taking more photos with the same settings. In the photos you will see I have a corner with lots of light coming from lots of windows.

Here I used only a diffusible panel to have smooth shadows. The background is the same, my beautiful old wooden board. I also added a grey shawl and a yellow board. The light was the same, only the styling and the props changed in the photos.

You can see some examples with the settings.

Keep taking photos!



66 thoughts on “Same settings – different photos

  1. Thank you for sharing this helpful post. I’m having a wooden textured board made for me that I can use in my food photographs. Your tips are always very appreciated for us inexperienced food photographers.

  2. What camera and lens are you using? I’m trying to up my food photography game. I typically shoot landscape and moved to a Sony A6000 to lighten the load for travel. I’m heading out of town tomorrow and thinking of picking up a Sony 50mm 1.8 Lens and some lighting as most of the time when I cook it’s dark outside and in Northern Ontario it’s dark at 4:00 PM during the winter months.

  3. Great post. Can you guide me in taking pictures with settings for blurring the background objects and highlighting the main object in natural lighting . Thank you .

  4. Am I understood right- you window is back, so main light is coming from back? I read somewere that better light is coming from side?
    I should try back light as well….
    Thank You!

  5. YOU keep taking photos. I really should stop. Whenever I quickly snap a picture of something I am making or have made, I think of you and shake my head and say to myself, “I just can’t do it. I am hungry and I want to eat it!” πŸ™‚ And I think of how lovely your photos are!

  6. I tried to using collages in Lightroom and I have been unsuccessful .I have used free online picture editors for that, but really would like to know how in LR. Also do you use a reflector on the opposite side if your subject. …diffuser on one side and reflector on the other? I think you are explaining that its enough light to only use the diffuser to soften the shadows…right?

  7. Beautiful photos, when you put them together you can tell they’re in the same area. But each has it’s own individual characteristics that make each stand out from the others. The lighting in this area is wonderful. Wishing I had this spot in my home for my photos!

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