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Black or white background in food photography

Mood in food photography (or really anything) would be set with different tools. Today I am gone show you how white or black background can change the feeling of an image, the mood.

Will backgrounds enhance the look of the food, or distract from it? You will be the judge of that. I always say that we are subjective when it comes to art. So, let me say that I start loving so much dark background. I am not saying that I hate white backgrounds, just that I love using more the dark ones. Gives me the mood that I really feel in that right moment.

With the same food is easy to  see the difference in the mood, or at least, try to see what you like best.


When you take photos for a client, you need to consider what the client wants, but when you take photos for yourself, you can play around with backgrounds and choose the one you like more. Some food looks better on darker backgrounds, other on white. Some bloggers choose to take photos with a single background, other are playing around. If you are not decided on the background try different ones. Sometimes, you will be surprise about the result.




spinach dip



Good luck and good light, and, don’t forget to make time for your food photography.


104 thoughts on “Black or white background in food photography

  1. Great article! I’ve been shooting on a mainly black background because I like the contrast but it definitely like to mix it up with wood now and then. Thanks for the alternative pics!

  2. Thank you for the nice post 😀 I think need to work better on the background and the light. Seems like I can never find good light for the photos. I will try to use your tips. Paaa 🙂

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