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Green, green and green!

Spring is here. We still have some snow around but it is starting to get green all around. I can’t wait to eat all those green spring miracles. If you don’t know what I mean here is a list with my favorite.


Let’s start with Wild garlic leaves. They grow in my mom’s garden and I can’t wait to use them in salad, make pesto or garlic bread.


Next on the list are Stinging nettles. They go great in soup, borscht, stew and also tea.


I make a mean Green omelet in the oven with nettles. Check the recipe and tell me what you think about it.



Another great spring green miracle is fresh spinach which all of you know it. I use it in salads, smoothies and pesto. Fresh spinach is better than the frozen one from the shops. I love to make this Spinach and feta cheese pie.


Another favorite is spring green onion. My son eats it directly from the garden and he loves it. Use it in salads, omelets, etc.


Parsley is the one that I use to all the sours soups I do. It goes great in a green smoothie. Actually, except stinging nettles, all these go great in a green smoothie. Energy for the day!


Enjoy spring and green miracles!



74 thoughts on “Green, green and green!

  1. So beautiful!! The wild garlic/onions grow in Appalachia, as well. Here, they are called “ramps.” This time of year, in the mountains, people harvest them in quantity and have “ramp feeds” as fund-raisers. If you eat much, though, your skin smells very oniony for a few days. 🙂

  2. The spinach and feta pie sounds very tasty, but I am confused by the quantities you specify–500g of spinach but only 250mg of feta cheese. And do you really mean to grate a half a nutmeg into the batter? Help!

  3. These all look so good, I don’t know where to start! Thanks for all of the “green” ideas! 🙂

  4. I never heard of wild garlic leaves. I’m going to have to check my yard. If there is no wild garlic – I’ll have to get some! 🙂 great ideas here!!

  5. Amazing uses for greens – and an amazing array of the colour green too – I shall attempt some homemade pesto later this week just to join in with the ‘greens’ of Spring.

  6. Oops meant to ask before – who makes pesto and adds a little yoghurt too? I discovered this extra treat to add a while ago and it sometimes makes a nice twist to a dish.

  7. ..stinging nettles. So that’s what it’s called in English. Thanks… (marvelous in a pasta dough, goes well covering some burrata as a ravioli…)

  8. These all look so good. I love anything garlic, and look forward each year to harvesting the scapes long before we harvest the bulbs. We use them in salads and cooking. We also grow spinach year-round in our greenhouse for our fresh salads. We even put a generous amount of it on our homemade pizza.

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