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Autumn inspiration

We all need a little food inspiration for autumn. Some of this recipes are for vegetarians some for meat lovers. I love wild mushrooms, so this fall I will cook all the recipes with wild mushrooms and other too. I would put the new recipes here, so don’t go far away.

Fall is so wonderful for new recipes and new ingredients to try. If you have a list with recipes you really love to do in the fall please write it down. I would love to check them or try them. I love to try new dishes.

So here are my fall inspirations:

  1. Boletus mushrooms with sour cream mushrooms
  2. Baked pumpkin with porcini mushrooms and bacon  pumpkin
  3. Traditional wine making process  traditional wine making process
  4. Tocinei- Romanian potato pancakes  potato pancakes
  5. Ratatouille  ratatouille
  6. Lactarius mushrooms  Lactarius deliciosus
  7. Half hasselback potatoes  Hasselback potatoes
  8. Baked pumpkin with spinach and mushrooms  pumpkin with spinach and mushrooms
  9. Chicken hearts and gizzards stew  GAB_4923_res_mix
  10. Risotto with mushrooms and turmeric  gab_1094_res_mix
  11. Baked potatoes in the oven  GAB_3233_res_mix
  12. Vegetarian cauliflower pizza crust  GAB_1003_res_mix
  13. Spicy vegetarian sandwich with beetroot burger and fried egg  GAB_3280_res_mix
  14. Pears baked in pastry  cover2
  15. Roasted eggplant fan  baked eggplant with tomato and cheese

Go in the kitchen and start cooking and baking. Enjoy!


96 thoughts on “Autumn inspiration

  1. Those recipes look SO delicious thank you Gabi – I will definitely be trying out the pumpkin and squash ones first as i have a bumper crop! But it is hard to know where to start …..

  2. You made me hungry! I’m desperately waiting for cooler weather so I can cook and bake again. I love to make apple recipes in the fall:)

  3. I’m not ready for autumn yet! I’ve still got plenty of summer left in me! I’ll definitely be giving some of these a go when I’ve got over summer 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love love love this post! I just realised I love fall foods! (even though we don’t actually have autumn in Singapore).

    That is the fanciest ratatouille I’ve ever seen – mine is just all bunged into a pot!

    Thank you for this drool worthy post!

  5. Every time I saw a picture I’d think, “This is my favorite!” Then I’d come to the next picture and think, “No! THIS is my favorite!” I think I’ll have to try them all! Thanks for sharing these great fall recipes!

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