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Happy Women’s Day!

potato pancakes

Today, around the globe, we celebrate International Woman’s Day.  My little one is 4 years old, so is a little difficult to explain to him about 8 March during history, but I can teach him to respect women and make them feel special this day.

Today I will write about my mom, one of the persons who made me who I am today (together with my dad). I had the luck to meet lots of women who inspired me and helped me to become a better person, but the first person to do that was my mother.

I don’t say it enough, but I love her so much and I am so proud of her. She taught me how to be a better person, how to love, how to respect life and people, how to teach my son the same things she taught me.

Her unconditional love, her strength and support helped me through all my life.

So, in February I asked my mom to make Tocin (Potatoes pancakes). It’s my favorite food. I grow up preparing and eating this meal with my family. The kids would prepare the potatoes, my mom would make the mix for the pancakes and my dad would make a proper fire. It was a family dinner from the start till the end.

I only took the photos. My mom is the chef for this post. I made a few times myself, but this time, it’s her time to shine. Happy Day, Mom! We wish you all the love in the world (me, Alex and Razvan ).

potato pancakes

The recipe is simple but it takes time and experience to make really tasty potato pancakes. You can eat the salty or as a dessert.


  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • Grease for frying
  • 4 eggs
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Peeled the potatoes and grate them.  Put some salt on the mix and then put it on an inclined chopper to drain. After is drained add the eggs, flour, salt and pepper. Heat the grease in a pan. With a tablespoon, make dumplings from the mix and fried them in the grease, both sides.

If you don’t like them fried, you can take a grease baking tray and put all the mix inside. Leave it in the oven till is golden on top (around 30 mins).

You can serve it with sour cream, salty cheese or my favorite:  fried onions with diced.

As dessert, I love it with sour cream and sugar on top, or with different types of jam.


baked potatoes


77 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day!

  1. Happy Women’s day!!!
    Never tried potato cakes before and your recipe has made them look so great…
    Going to have to try them out.

    Thank you x

  2. A beautiful tribute to your Mom and Mom’s everywhere.

    When I was losing my mother to cancer a few years ago, I embarked on a project to collect all our favorite recipes and compile them in a book. She was so happy to know that all her 8 kids would have this treasure to remember her by.

    It’s possible to get this trove of home made classics via Blurb’s online bookshop:

    Happy Cooking !

  3. My father-in-law makes the best potato pancakes I have every tasted. Yours are different and I would love to try them so I can eat potato pancakes at home. You see, he won’t give out the recipe because he would rather his family come over there and let him make them LOL. I am glad you had this memory with your Mom. And Happy Women’s Day to you AND her!

  4. This looks so delicious! Happy Women’s Day! Your mom did a great job and you took beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing! ❤

  5. Hey happy pixel!! Happy International Woman’s Day!!
    What kind of grease does your mother use? It can be done using a vegetarian grease or butter?? Thanks for your answer .)
    Love, thp

  6. Happy International Womens day!!! I don’t think its ever too early to teach boys to respect women. In a world where women are still treated as second class citizens in some countries, subjected to domestic abuse, where the glass ceiling still exists I think the more we educate hopefully there will be more changes in the future. Son’s are future husbands, future business owners/ colleagues/partners and future policy makers.. What lovely words about your mum too. Mums are awesome. Your mums potato pancakes look amazing, thank you and thank your mum for sharing this recipe! x

  7. These look very good. I like the idea of baking them in a pan and cutting them into squares to serve. Happy International Women’s Day to you and your mom!

  8. Happy Women’s Day 🙂 And again….you’ve come up with something absolutely mouthwatering !
    Thank you for sharing

  9. Respecting life and, in particular, respecting women. Very valuable lessons for your son to learn at an early age.

    Potato pancakes, as you say, can take some time to perfect. I remember my mom and my grandma making them. It took forever for me to learn how to make them golden and crispy and not just greasy.

    Happy International Women’s Day (maybe in a different time zone, I’m not late?).

  10. I love potatoes almost as much as ice cream. I just know these are going to be fantastic. Thank you, thank you! Cheers to your mom, as well. Anyone who inspires that much favor and love in a child deserves all the love and respect with which you shower her.

  11. I love that your whole family was involved making these.That is so great and such a nice change from mom slaving away in the kitchen by herself. -Kat

  12. I’m going to try your baked version – love potato pancakes, but always find the kitchen reeks of frying afterwards. What’s your favourite topping, fried onions with diced ???

  13. Did you know it used to be called “international Working women’s day”? I’m not sure what to feel about the change….. I do most of the cooking/housekeeping in our house, and maybe because of that I think often of the unappreciated and unrecognized work that goes into cooking, cleaning, and childrearing undertaken by largely women worldwide now and throughout history.

    Fried potatoes of any kind are delicious. (don’t let anyone fool you that cauliflower is a substitute 😉

  14. And now you should take your mom out to dinner in honor and appreciation of her! Even if she says no, at least ask her!

  15. This looks awesome! Do you think you could do this in a half-sheet pan? I’m on Weight Watchers and I think if these were a tiny bit thinner, I could satisfy my potato craving for fewer points.

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