What is your perfect summer day?

In the summer I love barbecues. Vegetables or meat, anything is great on the fire. Add a beer or a lemonade and I am ready for a perfect summer day. What is your perfect summer day?

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Wonders of the forest

I love spending time with my family in the nature. You have clean air, organic food just in front of you and you do sports. I am teaching my 4 years old son about forest, hills, wild berries and wild mushrooms. With wild mushrooms will be a long teaching process. He needs to learn to… Continue reading Wonders of the forest

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Boletus mushrooms with sour cream

Are you a mushroom lover? This mushroom recipe is so easy and makes a flavorful little side dish. It's great for lunch or dinner. This is my favorite mushroom recipe. you can use any mushrooms , but trust me , boletus mushrooms are amazing with sour cream. Ingredients: 1 kg boletus mushrooms  (chopped) 200 g… Continue reading Boletus mushrooms with sour cream