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Secrets in the kitchen

I used to have my secrets in the kitchen. Now I don’t. After I started cooking more than twice a month I realize that having secrets in the kitchen doesn’t make me a better cook. Even all the chefs in the world can’t make me a better cook if I suck a cooking. The best… Continue reading Secrets in the kitchen

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Oven baked french toast with maple syrup

French toast, also known as eggy bread, German toast, gypsy toast, or Spanish toast, is a dish made of bread soaked in beaten eggs and then fried. My mom used to call it „friganele”, before I discovered it’s called french toast. Because I am trying to eat less fried meals, I decided to do a light version of french toast, an oven one.… Continue reading Oven baked french toast with maple syrup

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Roasted eggplant fan

I made this recipe this fall with different type of cheese, each time. Could go very good without the cheese for the vegans or you can add some bacon if you like meat very much. I loved it with salty cheese and no bacon, and as you can see, the presentation makes you eat everything.… Continue reading Roasted eggplant fan

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Cake with pears for autumn days

Fall is in full swing. I love the cool frost of autumn just until the leaves finish changing and fall, crumpled, at the bottom of the tree. Various shades of bright red and orange leaves take me back to the many months of my childhood years that were spent watching the leaves fall softly, feeling them sweep… Continue reading Cake with pears for autumn days

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Mini lemon bundt cakes

This is the first time I used coconut flour to bake a dessert, so I was ready to fail. After reading about the flour, I was happy to use it, because is so healthy, but in the same time hoping to make something eatable. My cakes taste so good and I love the texture. It's something… Continue reading Mini lemon bundt cakes