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Best Foods to Pair With Beer

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love food? How about food and beer?

I am not the only one curious about the best beer and food pairings. You have a sommelier to help you with your food and wine, but who helps you with beer and food?

I like drinking beer from time to time, especially in the summer. But I discover that not all the food goes great with a beer.

In the big cities at the best restaurants beer sommelier is a must. He or she will give you the best choice of beer for the food you order. So far, I have to be my own beer sommelier. Ha! Ha!

Anyway, here is a list of my best foods to pair with beer:

  1. Vegetarian pizza GAB_1003_res_mix
  2. Homemade pizza pizza
  3. Beetroot and chickpeas burger GAB_6430_res_mix
  4. “Langosi cu branza sarata” Romanian fried donuts with salty cheese GAB_6925_res_mix
  5. Skewers GAB_4825_res
  6. Cheese sandwich  GAB_4925_res_mix 
  7. Baked sweet brown pumpkin with mushrooms GAB_7852_res_mix
  8. Roasted turkey legs  turkey legs
  9. Pork chops with broccoli puree  GAB_9732_res_mix
  10. Wild mushrooms pie with traditional sausage and cheese  GAB_5510_res_mix

Tell me about your list? Is it short or long? I would love to try new recipes that go great with beer.



84 thoughts on “Best Foods to Pair With Beer

  1. Excellent pairings, and I’m tempted to try many of them whether or not a beer is involved (it should be, though).

    This is more a broad category than it is a particular dish, but Thai cuisine is, generally, superlative with beer. It’s light enough to match well with either a lager or a dark stout, and it’s exuberantly flavored, meaning it’s sure to “find” similar elements in the beer. Plus, Thai cooking is a bit spicy, subtly so, which begs for quenching.

    Nice post!

    1. I am with you on that one, I love beer with Thai food especially an authentic volcanic Isaan jungle curry. I am probably in a minority in that I prefer Chang to Singha although I have never seen it here in UK.

  2. Roasted vegetables seem to go really well with any beer! Best pairing at a baseball game? A big hotdog with lots of chili and onions. Worst pairing at a baseball game? Most likely funnel cake or a fried Twinkie…neither tastes good with beer and they ruin the taste of the beer!

  3. I am not a beer drinker but once in a while, on a hot day, I love Asahi beer with Korean food. Beautiful food photography!

  4. Great Post 🙂
    Skewers are one of my favorites to pair with beer.
    here in the Czech Republic we also pair our beer with chicken wings.

  5. I remember many, many years ago, when I started working, my pay day treat was to go to a restaurant and order garlic king prawns and a glass of beer.
    It became such a regular thing that the food was ready for me as soon as I got to the restaurant.
    And the beer? Well I remember it was a German beer, and I was under the legal age to drink, but I only ever had the one, so I guess the staff let it slide.
    Nowadays, I have a glass of beer after a game of bowls (it’s tradition to have a drink with your opponent), but other than that, I don’t drink.

  6. Basically I would pair beer with anything spicy. I live in the UK where there is a huge curry culture due to the number of Asian immigrants and beer is almost obligatory with a good old “Ruby Murray” (rhyming slang for a curry

    As a previous poster said, very spicy chicken wings are great beer food and continuing the spicy theme beer is absolutely required with a chilli con carne which is hopefully more chilli than carne. I also like a pint of Guinness with a dozen oysters.

    Beer is also the natural accompaniment to most Eastern European cuisine.

    Basically I just like beer with anything!

  7. Over here in Korea, they pair it with fried chicken! They even have a term for it – Chimaek (chicken and maekju which means beer in korean). Though I prefer rice wine or soju over beer, somehow, beer taste exceptionally good with fried chicken. Thanks for sharing the list! Shall try it with pizza next time 🙂

  8. I really enjoyed reading this post because as a beer lover myself, I don’t often think of healthy things that pair well with my drink. While I can appreciate a good pizza and beer combo, I think I needed these good ideas and now I want to head to the store and make these beetroot and chickpeas burgers or the skewers you mentioned! Thanks for the great ideas!

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