“A man’s job”


My dad died a few years back and I had to start doing the “man’s job” around her house.

One of the jobs I like to do is taking care of the trees and grape wines in the fall and spring. I started slowly and with fear not to ruin everything, but after reading about it, I got confident that I can do a good job.

Every year the grape wines are looking better and I feel so proud about it. You can see in the photos how good they look. All they need now is warm weather. We will make juice. We will mix apples and grapes and make juice for the winter.

Until the grapes are ready I am enjoying the view.




76 thoughts on ““A man’s job”

  1. Beautiful photos! I love looking at pictures of hanging grape clusters. Top one is perfect. 🙂 You’re doing a great job.

    1. I am afraid to give advice since I am not an expert. All I can say is that I cut a lot this year in the spring, more than any year. We have lots of grapes and shadow. Also, my mom takes care through the summer cutting the vines that don’t have grapes or are too long.

  2. Visually exquisite, stunning in their multitudes!

    If you’re interested, and you’re a little ambitious, after you’ve harvest the fruit, collect the leaves for cooking delicious Greek and Near Eastern specialties.

  3. Love the photos — this is the first year I’ve ever tried home grown grapes and they made amazing juice (which I made jelly with) but I can see cut with the apple juice how it would make a lovely drink.

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