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Wild mushrooms pie with traditional sausage and cheese


One of the first mushrooms my dad showed me when I was little were Russulas or Brittle Gill family.  Those mushrooms took me a few years to identify them and choose the eatable ones correctly. Most of the people foraging don’t take these mushrooms. They think that are not very tasty.

Most of the Brittle Gill family are edible. There are still a few that will make you pretty ill so if you don’t know them don’t take them. First rule of foraging.

After a morning walk in the forest with my son we found a few mushrooms. We had only Russulas and Lactarius piperatus. The last ones I put them for the winter and later on I will write you the recipe, but with the Russulas I wanted something different. We got so tired of cooking them on the stove with salt or just with onion, so I thought to make a pie.

Because I had just 2 hands of mushrooms I needed more for my pie so I add some cheese and a traditional sausage that we bought locally. It has an amazing taste and goes so well with mushrooms.

This recipe is something I made in the moment of cooking, so don’t freak out if you don’t see measurements for the ingredients. Just go with your instinct and it will be great. In the end I got an amazing pie that I will definitely do it again.



  • 2 hands of mushrooms boiled for 10 minutes
  • Cheddar cheese
  • 1 onion
  • Garlic cloves
  • Traditional sausage (cut in small pieces)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Turmeric
  • 1 egg
  • 100 ml milk
  • Barbecue seasoning
  • Phyllo dough


In a saucepan put some oil over medium heat and cook the onion, garlic and the mushrooms. Add the turmeric, salt, pepper and barbeque seasoning. Stir until the mushrooms are soft, about another 5 minutes. Add 100 ml water and stir until the mushrooms are done and you don’t see any liquid around. Let it cool

Heat the oven at 150 degrees Celsius. Prepare a baking tray with a baking sheet.

Mix the egg with the milk and leave it aside.

Unfold one pastry sheet and place it onto the baking sheet. Brush the pastry sheet with olive oil. Put another 4 sheets the same way.

Add the mushrooms. On top of them put slices of traditional sausage and then cheddar cheese. When you are done add the mix of egg and milk on top of everything.

We are gone cover our pie with another 3 sheets of phyllo dough brushed with olive oil. Check the corner so they are compact.

Bake for 40 – 45 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

All I can say is that this pie is great.

With the rest of the phyllo dough I made a chocolate dessert that I am going to tell you about later on. Now enjoy your pie with sour cream, tomato sauce or as I did with my Red chili jam.



57 thoughts on “Wild mushrooms pie with traditional sausage and cheese

  1. Now I don’t do cheese anymore, but since it’s not a religion I would SO wish to try this and would especially devour if fed to me. Ha. I never seem to cook mushrooms correctly. When I eat out they’re delish. At home, yuck. I guess if I did exactly what you did it could work! Sounds devine!! Thank you for sharing!🍫

      1. Oh cheese used to be a favorite. Besides. Eating veggies 24/7 you have to shock the system once in a while and why not enjoy the yum factor of cheese. Very nice recipe. 👍🏼🌹

  2. Sounds wonderful! What kind of sausage do you use? Could I use Mici? If not I suppose a good pork and sage sausage would be fine. I wish I had learned to forage when I was young. I wouldn’t trust mushrooms that I found.

  3. Hi Gabi – I think a lot of people think you can’t cook by “feel” like this but our great grandmas did it, I doubt they had recipes for every single thing they made. Well done by you! -Kat

  4. My mouth is watering!! I like to sauté wild mushrooms with a bit of cream, thyme, and a dash of curry before rolling in phyllo… makes a great appetizer!

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