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Welcome to my chili jungle!

My chilies

As I wrote you a few weeks back here, I start growing chilies. I took some photos to see how my chilies are doing. As you can see, I have a few and more to come. Some of them started to get red, so I think I am on my right way.

The Bishop’s hat is huge. It grew so much that it scared me. I already have 9 chilies waiting to get red.

Bishop’s Hat

The Bird Eye Demon is full of chilies. I counted around 50 and they are turning red.

Bird Eye Demon

Habanero White has 6 and I am waiting to turn white.

Habanero White

Habanero Peach has only 1 chili and a few flowers. The tree was full of flowers, but we had a wave of cold and killed almost all the flowers.


Carolina Reaper is getting flowers and I can’t wait to see the chilies and try them. These are the seeds I planted them so I am very excited. So far was a great learning experience.

I can’t wait to eat them.


75 thoughts on “Welcome to my chili jungle!

  1. Beautiful! Do you utilize grow lights to help your chili plants grow, or just sunlight?? I’ve found any pepper plants I’ve tried to grow indoors only thrive if I have grow lights on them (although I’ve never tried growing chilies).

  2. Magnificent! Clearly, you’re skilled in both horticulture and photography.

    Are all the varieties you’re growing chilies you’ve eaten before, or will some of them be a new experience?

  3. 🙂 It never occurred to me to grow peppers indoors. I’ve tried several times to grow them outdoors and it’s too rainy and cool too much of the time. I’ll have to try this!!

  4. It is very satisfying to grow your own chillies. After you harvest them, there is so much you can do with them. I dry some out and then make some chilli flakes. I use some others while they are fresh to make a sweet chilli jam, to go into Thai red curries. Have fun with yours!

  5. Thank you for liking my most recent post! Your site is do beautiful. I love the interweaving of photography and text

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