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Something for a hot day

Hot! Hot! Hot! I don’t want to do anything. I feel I can’t do anything. I can’t write or take photos. So, I thought of food or drinks I want to have when is hot.

  1. Sugar free raw vegan ice cream ice cream
  2. Turmeric milk  turmeric milk with cinnamon and honey
  3. Raw vegan cheesecake  GAB_7411_res_mix
  4. Spicy vegetarian sandwich with beetroot burger  GAB_3280_res_mix
  5. Vegetarian cauliflower pizza crust  GAB_1003_res_mix
  6. Cold cream- red lentils soup with turmeric  red lentils soup
  7. Citrus water  Citrus juice
  8. Lilac smoothie  Lilac smoothie

What is your list? How you get by when it is so hot?


95 thoughts on “Something for a hot day

  1. I enjoy the heat while drinking white tea Arnold Palmer and looking at pics like these. Also tomatoes slices with salt. I don’t know if Arnold Palmer is a drink well known outside the US and Canada – it’s a blend of iced tea and lemonade popularized by the golf legend it’s named for. Permute how many different ways you can make this simple drink, with all the varieties of tea we can buy!

  2. Frozen virgin mojitos. Toss the ingredients into the ice cream maker and when it gets to the slushie stage, about 20 minutes in mine, serve it up. Can be done with any drink really but I like the refreshing lime on a hot day.

  3. Interesting to see the lentil and turmeric soup.
    This looks like the Tarka Dhal served in Indian restaurants in the UK, of which there are thousands. In fact so-called ‘Indian restaurants’ are more usually Pakistani but if you find a truly Indian one the food is usually better for my taste.
    The essential ingredients for an authentic tarka dahl are:
    red lentils; turmeric; butter; cumin seeds; onion, garlic. After that it’s possible to add all sorts of vegetable; to make it spicy hot add sliced green chillies, with the seeds if you want it really ‘hot’. I prefer it simple and make it at home this way. Rather than crouton on top I would put well fried chopped garlic – ie golden brown. As you say, it’s good hot or chilled.

  4. I’ve had turmeric tea/ golden milk/ turmeric milk/ or whatever you wanna call it on my mind for a while. Never tried it before.
    The recipe I got contained raw turmeric root, which has proven elusive to me. I will try the powdered turmeric one, hopefully, sometime next week. It sounds really interesting!
    Have you tried to make it with fresh turmeric?

  5. Sadly I bought regular tangerine popcicles and had other sugar drinks (because of a medical procedure the needed a 2 day fast). Now I’m all turned around and craving cupcakes 🙄. This week I’m back on track. No gluten, no sugar. I’m sure I’ll feel better.

  6. Hey! Your pictures are beautiful! I’ve read a few of your photography posts and they are super helpful. Any more photography tips for first time food bloggers?

  7. My family uses turmeric in all things morning related and this is a use I haven’t come across myself, as usual it’s very creative and interesting, thanks for the inspiration.

  8. lilac smoothie and citrus water are more enchanting by there looks well I rather want to try it for once

  9. Wow great recipes!
    Btw come check out my group blog We are just getting started and we would love u to come visit. Leave a comment a tell us what u thought.👍

  10. For meals, sushi, ceviche, and summer rolls top my list: I’m also a fan of anything I can throw on the grill instead of cooking in the house, like pizza, shish kababs, and fish tacos. For dessert, it has to be homemade sorbet just popping with garden-fresh flavor: I still have some sugared lilac blossoms in my stash, so I’m definitely adding those to your smoothie recipe!

  11. Your photos are mesmerizing! Gorgeous smoothies, pizza and all sorts of healthy options. Glad to see you have recipes on Pakistani food too. I’d like to make more of those. My husband loves spicy…

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