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Happy cheese day!

Today USA celebrates cheese day so I made a list with great recipes with cheese. If you feel like inspiration is not with you today, check this list and try some of my recipes. You will love them.

  1. Shrimp and cheese quesadilla GAB_6806_res_mix
  2. Baked macaroni and cheese/   mac and cheese
  3. Papanasi – romanian dumplings with cheese  papanasi
  4. Appetizer with blue cheese  appetizer
  5. Roasted eggplant fan  baked eggplant with tomato and cheese
  6. Vegetarian spinach tart with cheese  GAB_4305_res_mix
  7. Vegetarian cauliflower pizza crust with goat cheese  GAB_1003_res_mix
  8. Pasca-traditional Romanian sweet bread for Easter  GAB_0623_res
  9. Bruschetta with cheese and red pepper  GAB_6832_mix_res
  10. Broccoli and cheese soup  broccoli soup
  11. Cheese and leek souffle  souffle

Enjoy cheese day! Today is also cognac day so don’t forget to drink a glass of cognac too if you like it. Have a great day!



93 thoughts on “Happy cheese day!

  1. Awesome! Happy cheese day, I love it…totally going to try these! Btw in sunny England it’s hug a cat day (so Facebook tells me)….. so my fave cheese and a hug with my Smudge will make the day complete! 😁

  2. Reblogged this on Recipe Dreams and commented:
    Cheese is one of my favorites. So versatile, so many different flavors. Healthy too, assuming you are using real cheese not the cheap oil based ones out there.

    From main dish to dessert cheese rules them all!

  3. I have an excuse to eat an extra bite or two more of cheese today. My fridge is full of cheese! The eggplant flan is genius and the Romanian sweet bread is on my to do list 🙂 Thank you!

  4. I wonder if we have cheese day in Canada? I would so celebrate that, I love cheese! All of the cheese dishes here look delicious!

  5. I didn’t really get past the shrimp and cheese quesadilla, que buena pinta. There’s a Mexican café, El Frijolito Mexicano, in Seville by the river that makes great quesadilla, but these look something else.
    I’m going to work my way through these!

  6. I just love cheese! Happy cheese day to you too! 😀
    Hey! Are you using personal plan or premium one?!

      1. Is it effective? When did you start earning? And how are you monetizing your site? Could you just guide me more about this plan?! 🙂

  7. We seriously need this to be an international holiday~! Hubby and I unknowingly celebrated it with a very large cheese platter for dinner on June 4th after having had a thorough cheese-tasting at the farmer’s market that day 🙂 A Bruschetta was involved as well~ The Cognac you’ve mentioned as an afterthought reminded me of a yumtastic cheese fondue we had in Bordeaux a few years back, by the way… mmmmh… cheese!

  8. Oh, stab me in the heart with cheese. I grew up in Minnesota and lived in Wisconsin for a time. Now not that far from Tillamook. SO. Anyway what’s for dinner tomorrow, where are you and can I come over??

  9. I’m sad I missed Cheese Day, but let’s be real…most days are Cheese Day for this former Minnesotan/Wisconsinite. 🙂 The recipes look great! I’m a big mac ‘n’ cheese fan and want to start blogging about my obsession. I think I’ll have to try your baked mac ‘n’ cheese recipe!

    1. You and me both! Lived in E***a, in Southern MN and, Duluth – been everywhere in Wisconsin. Went to Mo U (River Falls) when it was still open. CHEESE-a-holic !

  10. Papanasi and Pasca – you are amazing! You are promoting Romanian cuisine 🙂 I also love both, so far I have cooked only a Pasca as I wanted to buy it for this Easter which was the same for Orthodox and Catholics and they didn’t have the right dough in the shop. So I made myself everything and the result was really good. I love the Papanasi with raspberry jam.

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