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Choosing what to eat


Choosing what food is best for you should be easy, but as I discover it is difficult sometime. I am a gourmand person, so I always think of food. When I am searching for a new a place to visit the most important thing is not the hotel is the food.

I want to know about all new meals you can have in that place. Many times I have been asked if I would eat insects, snakes or other strange foods, and I always say I would try. Why try? Because you never know how you will react in that moment. So never say never.

Choosing food is a battle. I want to eat healthy but in the same time I want to know as many dishes as possible. Some of them are fried, with lot of sugar or very spicy. You never know. But, when I am eating something new I try to find first about it, so I know I am not allergic to some ingredients

I found also easy to have small sizes. My body will get use to this meal and I will feel good after.

I always have a list of food to try. I would love to eat in India from some vendors on the street, or eat again in a Greek tavern, etc. So many places to visit and so many great dishes to try.

Home, I have my meals and my dishes, but when I am traveling, I always change my “diet”. I choose greasy food or sweet meals and then I go home and go back to my healthy eating. I think that you need to taste the original recipes to really discover their amazing taste.

So, go travel, enjoy life, eat something you like and live your life to the maximum. Share your meal with the family, buy something to eat for someone less fortunate and try not to waste food.


43 thoughts on “Choosing what to eat

  1. You and I are one in the same! It really is a battle, but knowing what works for you and trying a small amount of something new is a great approach. 🙂

  2. I have a severe sensitivity to sugar that makes it hard for me to try sweet things. I do enjoy imagin-eating them. I have a vast library of food memories in my head and I pick and choose sensations and tastes based on descriptions. I like to experiment with food and places. Right now, I am in the tropics (really in Connecticut, USA) in my tastebuds eating some frozen yogurt I just made in my food processor! A two inch knob of fresh ginger, fresh pineapple, Greek yogurt, mango, and a splash of vanilla extract. I don’t know if it’s a thing somewhere, but perhaps it should be! Best wishes. Thanks for a good read!

  3. Whenever we travel I am the exact same way! My husband plans the trip and I am googling away restaurants and must eats! Food is awesome and should definitely be celebrated!

      1. Lovely site. Just come back from 5 years in Vietnam, you should try the food. Pho ( pronounced Fir ) is the national dish – really comforting and layers of flavour. You should go.

  4. I have the same problem! Choosing a restaurant is so hard because I want it to be the best kind of whatever it is.. And all types of food sound good to me!

  5. I think we share the same notion when it comes to eating when traveling when it’s fun to try all kinds of new things.

  6. Totally agree with you, food is part of the journey and it’s always so greta to discover new dishes and foreign savours. Hope you don’t mind if I reblog your post!

  7. Reblogged this on Love live laugh and commented:
    This post from the fabulous just resumes perfectly well my view of food. Food is an entire part of a journey. I agree that it’s super important to eat healthy, but tasting local dishes and foreign savours is a must for me when travelling other countries.

  8. I totally agree, even as a vegan. People often assume I must not love food, when it’s actually the exact opposite. Food is part of the experience of travel and I do my best to try local cuisine within my dietary limits, but I also am not very strict. For example, I didn’t feel right leaving Nepal without having tried their customary milk tea. Like you said: never say never!

  9. Very nicely put. We share the same thoughts about enjoying while on a vacation & getting back to healthy food once home. I hate controlling myself when I see such lovely varieties of food / fruits while travelling .. Life is only worth lived when u have tried everything .. well almost !! Cheers

  10. When I have no idea what food is upsetting my belly, I do an elimination diet – For two weeks, I eliminate just one food or category of food; cheese, gluten, sugar, etc., and then slowly start to add that food category back into my diet. If my belly gets upset – bingo! I’ve found the culprit!
    Love your content, keep it coming! xoxo

  11. My favourite part of travelling is the food too…you can imagine how disappointing it is when you get sick and can only eat plain rice or bread!

  12. All good advice. I tried fried ants once. They were okay I love trying foods from around the world. My daughter subscribed me to Try the world. I get a new box to try 4 times a year. Check it out.

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