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Cake Day

The best day to celebrate Cake Day is to eat cake with your family and friends. You can make the cake or buy it, but the most important thing is to share it with the loved ones.

The first cakes are thought to be made a long time ago in Egypt and Ancient Greece. They were eaten at the end of the meal with honey and nuts and are the “grand parents” of baklava. The Ancient Romans created a creamy and rich sweet treat as their own version of a cake.

They all evolved to the cakes we love to eat.

Here is a list of  cakes to make for this celebration:

Chocolate cupcakes without sugar and flour  

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting

Crepe cake with blueberries  


Raw vegan snickers cake 


Cake with pears

cake with pears




68 thoughts on “Cake Day

  1. Been following you for a while and never commented once… this was worth it! Going be adding these to recipe books ❤

  2. Everyday should be cake day! Cheesecake Day too, just saying . Loved this blog post and thank you for liking my post on Mercato Tomato Pie in Newark . Check the restaurant out if you go to the New York / New Jersey area. Wicked friendly atmosphere .

  3. The photos on your blog are all so aesthetically pleasing, I need to learn how you do this. Your site is goals!

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