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Food photography – Dishcloths, towels and others

As you noticed, your dish looks better with props around it. So you can play with colors, texture and items. Besides your different kinds of crockery it’s always good to have a variety of table cloths or kitchen towels. If you don’t have so many improvise.

I will go in flea market and if I see something interesting I will buy it. It’s cheap and you will use it at some point.

I will give a list of things I use in my photos and they have also other use.

  1. Table cloths

Not all of them can be used for photography, but sometimes you find one or two that are great to have around. If they are broken and dirty use the clean part. In the first photo, in the background is a piece of an old curtain. In the second one, I have a Christmas table cloth bought special for food photography.


  1. Kitchen towels

I have lots of kitchen towels and all are different. If you find a set with 2 or more different towels is a must for your collection.


  1. Pieces of clothes or material

You can see in this photo a piece of a pajama. I used it only a few times and then I cut it in small pieces. One is for my food photography.


  1. Shawls and handkerchiefs

I got a shawl for my birthday and I love the color. I use it for photography when I don’t wear it (first photo). My mother gave me lots of handkerchiefs in different colors since we have the one time use ones (second photo).


  1. Old Romanian tablecloths

I have a collection of old big and small handmade traditional Romanian tablecloths. This is an old recipe and those old tablecloths were part of the story.


  1. Knitted dishcloths

From leftover yarn I knitted dishcloths. I made them simple an in lots of colors. This handmade dishcloths are great with rustic or vintage photography.


  1. Burlap

I have some pieces of burlap to use for my rustic photos.


  1. Pants or dress

I use my dresses, skirt or pants for my photography. I am very careful to show just pieces of clothes. As you can see, you can’t tell that I am gone wear them after I take the photo. In the first photo I used an old white dress with small blue flowers and in my second one some pants.


  1. Bedspread

Sometimes a bedspread can be very helpful. I took this photo in my bedroom, on my bed in natural light.


So, don’t throw anything. You will be surprise how much will help sometimes when you take a photo. I have a box just for this kind of materials.

Keep taking photos!




138 thoughts on “Food photography – Dishcloths, towels and others

  1. Improvise and improvement are almost the same word. creativity and out of the box thinking are features that distinguish us from the mass, helping us shine our very light. well done! #StrictMotivation

  2. Hi! Thanks for liking my post and also for your great tips on food photography. I’ll sure try to put them in good use 🙂

  3. This is such a handy post, generally speaking I’m pretty rubbish with my food photos, but seeing how just a simple piece of fabric can lift the picture is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for liking my post “Zucchini-carrot loaf”! I read this post and really liked the the tips! Now all I’m missing is a good camera. Any tips on that? 😉

  5. Lovely blog and great photos and tips.. I have loads of different tea towels as we call them in the UK and will use them as a backdrop. Can’t do much about the light as pretty much every day has been dreary since Christmas Day!

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