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Spring vegetables

Spring green onion and green juice with spinach

Spring is here. Outside it getting warmer every day. I made a list with all the green vegetables I am gone eat this march. Fresh green from my garden or from the market.

  1. Spring green onion – so good in salad or (like my little one like it) straight from the garden.
  2. Nettles – We find them in our garden or on the hills. You need to get them when they have small leaves. Use a glove when you collect them. You can use them in the omelet, with rice or make a borsht.
  3. Spinach – I love spinach. I am using spinach in my green juices or make a tart.
  4. Green wild garlic – This is my favorite one. I am gone make garlic bread and pesto.
  5. Green salad – very healthy for all the family.

This month is a great month for green vegetables. Make a list with your spring vegetables. I would love to see it.

Wild green garlic and wild green garlic pesto

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