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Spring vegetables

Spring green onion and green juice with spinach

Spring is here. Outside it getting warmer every day. I made a list with all the green vegetables I am gone eat this march. Fresh green from my garden or from the market.

  1. Spring green onion – so good in salad or (like my little one like it) straight from the garden.
  2. Nettles – We find them in our garden or on the hills. You need to get them when they have small leaves. Use a glove when you collect them. You can use them in the omelet, with rice or make a borsht.
  3. Spinach – I love spinach. I am using spinach in my green juices or make a tart.
  4. Green wild garlic – This is my favorite one. I am gone make garlic bread and pesto.
  5. Green salad – very healthy for all the family.

This month is a great month for green vegetables. Make a list with your spring vegetables. I would love to see it.

Wild green garlic and wild green garlic pesto

45 thoughts on “Spring vegetables

  1. What a great idea wild garlic pesto! We have loads growing near us when it gets a bit warmer, can’t wait to go foraging! Beautiful photos

  2. Wow, your photos are amazing! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I’m just an amateur compared to your beautiful shots x

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