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Wild garlic

When you say spring all I can think about it is wild garlic. Fresh from the garden or the forest, these leaves are my favorite for a pesto. Forget about basil. Go bold, go wild and make a wild garlic pesto. It is also known as ramsons, buckrams, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek, or bear's garlic. I use the leaves in… Continue reading Wild garlic

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Spring vegetables

Spring is here. Outside it getting warmer every day. I made a list with all the green vegetables I am gone eat this march. Fresh green from my garden or from the market. Spring green onion – so good in salad or (like my little one like it) straight from the garden. Nettles – We… Continue reading Spring vegetables

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Wild garlic pesto

Spring is here, so all the good and healthy green vegetables are at the market waiting for you. Try the wild garlic, a relative of chives, raw or lightly cooked. Ingredients: 2 handful of  wild garlic leaves 1/2 cup  pine nuts 1/2 cup  almonds 1 cup grated cheese Grana Padano Zest of 1 lemon Salt… Continue reading Wild garlic pesto