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Mini donuts

Mini donuts

It’s easy to make healthy donuts when you have a small appliance that helps you a lot. I bought a waffle maker and it came with mini donuts maker so it was great. When I am in the mood for donuts and I want them to be healthier than the ones here I choose to make it this way.

I don’t use white sugar or brown sugar and I substituted them with maple syrup or honey.



Mix all ingredients together well. If you want to make them fluffier mix the eggs first with the maple syrup and then add the rest of the ingredients.

I use a big spoon to fill each donuts hole. I always follow the directions of the donutsmaker about filling the holes. Experiment with the baking time to see how they look. I found that I like my donuts to be cooked a little more than the book says.

You can serve them with maple syrup, honey, jam or chocolate. I didn’t put too much of maple syrup in the batter. Sometimes I don’t put any maple syrup and I add cheese. Yummy! It is great for salty donuts.


Mini donuts







62 thoughts on “Mini donuts

  1. Ok, want to make your mini doughnuts and have asked for a new waffle maker for my birthday later this months; however, the waffle iron with donut trays cost $400 US. I can buy a lot of regular donuts for that $. What kind of device are you using?!

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    I would like to know if it wouldn’t bother you that I can put your donut recipe in my blog, of course, I would translate it into French and Spanish and I mentioned your blog.
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  3. Looks like such an easy way to make donuts! I’d definitely try this if I had a donut maker!

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