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Tiny donuts

We all love donuts: simple, with chocolate, with caster sugar, with jam….yummmyy!!!!! I made tiny donuts so you have just one or two bites. They are great for kids and parties. This recipe is my mom’s recipe and I love it. Tiny donuts Ingredients 1 tbsp yeast4 tbsp caster sugar150 ml warmed milk225 g plus extra for… Continue reading Tiny donuts

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Mini donuts

It’s easy to make healthy donuts when you have a small appliance that helps you a lot. I bought a waffle maker and it came with mini donuts maker so it was great. When I am in the mood for donuts and I want them to be healthier than the ones here I choose to… Continue reading Mini donuts

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“Langosi cu branza sarata” – Romanian fried donuts with salty cheese

"Langosi cu branza sarata" - Romanian fried donuts with salty cheese Who doesn’t love donuts? I know I love them. And I love the spicy and salty ones. So today here is my recipe for salt and spicy donuts. These salty cheese donuts are famous and are named: “Langosi cu branza sarata” Here is the… Continue reading “Langosi cu branza sarata” – Romanian fried donuts with salty cheese