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Wild mushrooms soups

Wild mushrooms are versatile and can be used in soups, risottos, sauces, etc. I prepared for you a list of soups with wild mushrooms.

If you are trying to forage wild mushrooms all I can say is that you are in for a treat. They grow throughout the year, but in the fall they are the most abundant. Don’t forget:

  • Never eat any fungus that you are not sure
  • Use a field guide and don’t rely on the photos from a mushroom book
  • Don’t use plastic bag when you collect them, use a basket – plastic accelerates the decomposition process
  • If you are eating for the first time, have small amounts to make sure the body handles it well
  1. Boletus mushrooms cream soup

    Boletus mushrooms cream soup
  2. Honey fungus borscht

    Honey Fungus borscht
  3. Porcini mushroom borscht

    Porcini mushrooms borscht




37 thoughts on “Wild mushrooms soups

  1. Another reason to use a basket is that it will allow spores from the mushrooms to shake out along your way (my uncle taught me this). There are usually a fair amount of mushroom foraging classes this time of year and for any novice, I highly recommend taking one of these.

  2. Delicious looking soup … there is a mushroom seller locally that advertises but I’m leery of the price per pound so I do my mushroom shopping at the grocery store. They have 5-6 different varieties as well as the usual white button mushrooms.

  3. Wow. It is so amazing that you created a dish with a mushroom and new all of the right things to look for in making sure that it is good for you to eat. You also listed dishes that incorporated mushroom and I just think that is an amazing to add in your blog.

  4. I made it this weekend when I was too lazy to do anything else.
    Also, I had some mushrooms to use, I also had some other mushrooms that I came in also eventually reef nutmeg.
    It can be recommended for your soup, and perfect for a good autumn soup

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