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Breakfast of Champions

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I start running at end of July and I love it. I am still learning what to eat before each run so I don’t look for bathrooms along my route. I am still discovering my body and the way it reacts to running and recovering.

Some days I have yogurt and cereal, others chocolate milk or rice pudding. Today I had something new and I liked it: homemade chocolate waffles with guacamole. It sounds strange but I love the taste.

So I made chocolate waffles: 2 eggs, flour, cocoa powder, milk and baking powder.

I crushed 2 avocados and mixed them with juice from half lemon and some black pepper.

I prepared my breakfast: On top of the chocolate waffles I put some peanut butter and then the avocado mix. I also add 2 apples from my mom’s garden which my son picked. I didn’t forget about my goji berry and dates.

Here is my simple breakfast. What do you eat in the morning? It is the same thing every morning or you like to mix it? I love mixing my morning breakfast.



81 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. Most of the time it’s just yogurt and a cup of coffee for me. A bigger breakfast is usually had around lunch time … an egg, bacon, cottage cheese, toast fry up. 🙂

  2. This looks good, and I often have avocado in the morning. Sometimes on a brown rice cake with a slice of tomato on top, and hot sauce. I’m not a traditional breakfast kind of person, and often will have avocado and tomato salad or leftover stir-fry from the night before…

  3. I usually eat a slice of sprouted toasted rye bread with tomato slices, 2 scrambled eggs, and avocado (If I have a ripe one). Nice post.

  4. I usually have either weetabix, or porridge. But if I have something different, then I tend to do it at the weekend. So it could be a scrambled egg on toast, or an egg cob with tomato sauce. But if going out and I fancy a breakfast while out, I go for a cooked vegan, to make it a change. I don’t do cooked breakfast often.

  5. I like all different things in the morning, and I can easily go for two weeks without a single repetition. Breakfasts are the best of all meals, if you ask me. Three things are a must for each of my breakfasts though: a bowl of cut fruits, strong coffee with hot skim milk and a piece of chocolate 🙂
    The meal itself may be:
    – oatmeal with flaxseed mixed with pumpkin puree and spices
    – overnight muesli with nonfat greek yogurt or plain skyr and fresh berries on top
    – cottage cheese with waffle
    – tvarog with yogurt and toasted cranberry bread
    – whole-grain bread with wild salmon and a hard-boiled egg
    – egg whites scramble with mushrooms and vegetables…

    and much more!

  6. I do Keto and IF so I start off with two cups of tea. Then at noon I have sauteed veggies topped off with 2 eggs over easy and grated cheese. I also have masala chai with raw coconut and nuts. That is my favorite breakfast.

  7. My preferred breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit, walnuts, chia seeds and wheat germ. But I never eat before my morning run – makes me feel too loaded down!

  8. I mix things up between oatmeal, fruit, cereal wit bananas, cranberries and walnuts, eggs, potatoes, and on Sundays we all have a sit down breakfast together of blueberry pancakes and fruit. Mostly though it is fruit or cereal.

  9. I usually stick to the same thing, a bowl of overnight oats and a couple of kiwis. I love that the oats are already prepared, a definite bonus in my busy day 😉

  10. My western NY family has gradually influenced me into eating hot oatmeal for breakfast. I put a small dash of good maple syrup and a tablespoon of walnuts. With a banana or some Oui yogurt, I have a filling and satisfying breakfast that keeps me fueled for hours.

  11. That looks delicious! Breakfast is different everyday for me. I love having salads or some yogurt with fruit and granola.

  12. ohh..this looks so tempting!! Breakfast has to be exciting and different everyday for me. With Indian items- Partha, dosa, Poha, Upma, Vermicelli, Vada Pao, with my husband’ English affairs and fusion items thrown in- all varieties of cooked eggs, hash brown, breakfast rolls, we hardly ever look to cereal/oats (oats too are tuned into Idli/Dosa or cookies) 😀

  13. I usually have tea and a slice of wholemeal bread and marmalade when I get up. Later, I have a cup of milky coffee mid morning with a biscuit or two.
    Your breakfast looks great, but I couldn’t eat so much and then run! Although I don’t run, I take brisk walks.

  14. Thanks for sharing what works for you before running. If running before work, like today, I just have water to rehydrate before the 4.6-mile pavement slog. Afterward, breakfast is either a fruit and greens smoothie with hemp seeds for protein OR fruit salad with trail mix. Weekend breakfast before longer runs is a smoothie. Often I will have a 2nd breakfast afterward, sharing a batch of waffles and maple syrup with the family.

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