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Dealing with a bad day

I had a few bad days. I felt like everything is hopeless and everyone is horrible. People disappoint you most of the time. When a few months passed and nothing bad happen you start to believe in people again, and then, you got “f….d” all over again.

Is bad and sucks. All I want to do is break, scream and swear.  I felt all of this in the last few days and it took me a while to realize that I am only hurting myself. I needed to throw away the negativity and angry and try to be happy.

Path in the forest

Thirst thing I did was to go for a run in the nature.  First km was really bad but after that I started to feel better. I know I am a good person and “what comes around goes around”.

Then I got home and eat something good to lift my spirits.

Chocolate Baklava

I had a glass of good wine with a long bath and then I watched a good movie.

Red wine

In the end I took it as a lesson. Everything that life throws at us is there to teach us something. My lesson in business: Stick to your rules, follow your gut and keep it simple.

How do you typically deal with such days?

P. S. I am happy I have a great family to help.

119 thoughts on “Dealing with a bad day”

  1. So sorry to hear you were going through a bad time. I empathize and sympathize. I try to break my “it’s all too much and I can’t cope” moods much the same way you did – get outside into nature (although I usually walk these days). Look at the trees, the flowers, find flowing water, smell fresh air. Amazing how nature can make things better. Then a dip in the hot tub with the jets on high to pound out the ‘blues’. Some good chocolate helps a lot as well. 🙂 Sounds like you handled it well. Keep up the positive thinking and keep taking that time to nurture yourself!!!! *hug*

  2. So sorry you had such a bad time. I hope you feel better now. As for me, running is my remedy, being close to nature and running in the forest is the best thing for me. Send you a big hug 🙂

  3. Breath, spend some time with nature (preferably with camera in hand), read…I’ve been having some bad days as well. I try to cut everything negative out as well, but it’s hard when your (my) boyfriend is part of the problem. So when he starts getting negative or just throwing out bad vibes I walk away.
    Lately I’ve been focusing more on my photography and blog.

  4. I am glad you are feeling better 😁. I believe nature and animals are great healers…and wine and chocolate…but what I feel it’s even more important is working on having a disciplined mind. Emotional maturity offers a great life. Understanding that having those reactions ( anger, crying..etc) are not needed. The fact that we’re going to die one day gives me a lot of resilience 😆 and helps me shift my focus? While you cannot always suppress emotions you should always strive to resolve it right away and move on 😁

  5. sounds like you took a good approach to dealing with a tough day. I think you have to keep your head high and realize it is a day and there are just days like that. Take care of yourself and you can find peace in situations

  6. Sorry you’ve been down. I too feel disappointed in the people around me at times. But then I remember most of what they are doing isn’t directed at me. They aren’t intending to disappoint. Most times they are just being thoughtless. Sometimes life has thrown them a curve of which we are unaware. I remind myself that I decide whether to let anyone put me down. But then it would be me putting myself down.

  7. This week has been terrible. It’s my sons birthday next week but we lost him almost two years ago. I feel like the past few months I’ve been doing better but then events roll round and most days I can’t breath.
    I try to practice self love. Epsom salt baths, body brushing, read a book I enjoy, watch comedy shows.
    I also try to shut myself off from the world, avoid social media (who knew it could have such a negative impact) and really take the time to process and feel my feelings.
    It’s tough, life sucks and we are responsible for ourselves and what we need.
    I hope you feel better soon x

  8. Bad days happen, it’s inevitable but love your take on pulling out of it. When I have bad days I sing, cook and write. Sometimes though it is okay to take that bad day for a walk and roll with it. I have gotten some of my best short stories I have written were written during bad days. Looking forward to your next posts 🙂

  9. I wish I could bake you something lovely to cheer you up, or send flowers, but the baklava looked good enough to eat! You have done all the right things to do on a bad day….self care is what you need. And believe in yourself, that you are enough just the way you are. Judith

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  10. I can almost always sleep Gabi, particularly after that glass of ‘good wine’. I never let people get me down now, rarely in the distant past, but ‘situations’ sometimes do, particularly when it means I let down someone else.

  11. Sorry to hear, but love your determination to remain authentic! Tricky to do sometimes. Your pictures are beautiful. That baklava looks so delicious!!

  12. Yeah, we all get `em. I am sorry to hear you’re having a tough one. I hope that your way to de-stress, works for you all of the time. A walk in the woods, or forest works for me. The healing power of nature. I also find mindless games, to be a good outlet.

  13. Glad you got back on track and you have supportive family. We often know what to do it’s just finding that push. Glad you found yours. I find talking helps and committing to someone else that I WILL DO IT! I then imagine them cheering me on with Pom pond and all! 🤣😀

  14. You are an evil person: imagine showing us not only chocolate doughnuts but chocolate baklava !!! They say that chocolate is good for everything; so those two extremely yummy irems must have helped life your spirits. 😀

  15. I had a super bad day last weekend. What I did was holding a tissue box and crying like a small kid. I have to admit that I have not fully recovered, but it was good to let it out rather holding it inside. Good days will come after bad days, said my mum.

  16. Thank you for such an honest post – it takes guts to admit things aren’t going so well. It sounds you did all the right things to help get you through it. I like to get out on my bike, and pedal away my worries. Writing is also a massive outlet, and then you can’t beat a good old hug from someone close to you, who you know has your back! Sometimes, unfortunately, people can be hurtful (whether intentionally or not) and although you can’t do anything about how they behaved, just know that the majority of the time, it’s very much their issue and they’re just lashing out at a target. Hope you’re feeling better about things now, and I’m looking forward to your next post with more stunning photography! X

  17. I’m sorry you’ve been having a rough time. I find that exercise is great stress relief and comfort food always makes me feel better! I love taking it out on a creative project or baking, nothing beats the smell of fresh brownies in the oven.

  18. I deal with bad days in very much the same way you wrote about. Running or walking is always a great way to burn off negative thoughts and emotions. I follow that with a cup of hot chocolate or a cool lemonade — depending on the season — and then a long, luxurious soak in the tub. I’m more of a book-reader than a movie-watcher, so that’s my next “go-to”. In fact, that’s where I’m heading soon. It hasn’t been a good morning. I got caught in a torrential downpour while driving to visit my sister. I had to turn around and come home. It was a really scary drive, and I was shaking like the proverbial leaf when I finally got back home safe and sound. So, I have a hot drink, I’ve already gobbled down a healthy snack, and I would love to take a hot bath to relax, but I’ve been told it’s not good to take a bath during a storm with a lot of lightning. So, my plan is to stretch out in bed, put on some soothing music, and pick up a book.

  19. There ll always come those time
    But then I have a friend in Jesus He keeps me singing even when pain clogs my way. I sing more or write or read or watch something nice .
    Thanks for sharing
    Be strong

  20. You usually are brightly cheerful, at least you have been since I’ve been following your blog, so for things to be bad enough for you to comment is extraordinary. Glad to read you’ve recovered.

    No doubt, that’s largely because you know exactly how to deal with such situations – nature, good movie and a great wine. Nice job!

  21. Often staying positive and happy is a radical choice in the face of a crazy world. Yet, doing so is to our benefit. The world isn’t punished by our low vibration moods, only we are. That doesn’t make it easier to stay positive in some situations, but I find a little healthy defiance helps. “I refuse to let you bring me down.”

  22. During my bad days at work I tried to take solace (and even some cheer) in another aspect of my life. If work is going badly, school might be peaking and I can relish an accomplishment there. If I fell on my face at school, I might be boosted by a friend. With all that might have gone badly in one (or even two) aspects of life, the surge of warmth and understanding from friends and family might help balance things out?

  23. Sorry to hear about your bad day, I have them all the time, as I’m clinically depressed and on medication for the past 10 years. But I enjoy my own company, I take my dog for a walk in the woods, bake something good or read a good book. 😉 I hope you feel better soon!

  24. Glad to hear that your bad day ended with a good note. Jogging definitely boosts up positivity.
    I usually turn towards my good friends in such situations . Good company, laughter and sometimes nonsense chitchat works wonder!

  25. Glad your day got better. I recall sitting in a dentist chair for the first time and looking up at the ceiling, just before the drill fired up. The poster on the ceiling read “Change your thoughts and you will change your world.” That was a pretty deep thought in 1976 and I whenever I am feeling down, I think back to that day and realize it is still a truth. Sometimes, we get lost inside our own heads and we just need to look outward. Cheers. Allan

  26. Wow that chocolate baklava looks so delicious! All can be better with a piece of that cake !! Nice blog. Learning about how make this moments pass ! Thanks for sharing.

  27. I turn to Rosary on bad days, gets me through🙏 Thank you for stopping by my blog. New follower of your🙃
    Live your blog

  28. You seem like you cope well! I’m glad you were able to be kind to yourself. I struggle with bad times. My coping mechanisms have typically been very destructive lol. And the longer you rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms, the harder it becomes to change. But lately I’m finding that art helps. I’ve (finally!) got to the point where things don’t have to be *perfect* for me to be happy with it, so I’m able to enjoy art now 😁 Being in my garden helps too, and prayer.

    1. Hello Gabi,
      and thanks for your note, however, I clicked on “crepes”, but the pancake with strawberries was the only recipe that came up? perhaps there is another way. thx. Marilyn Raff

      1. The Oreo dessert started with the crepes recipe. Then to the crepes bather ” I add some yogurt and rum and vanilla essence, more flour, milk and some mineral water and when I made another bather – a little bit harder I put it in a tray.” I don’t remember the quantities.

  29. When I have days like these, I come home & watch a Hallmark movie. Helps me stop thinking of all the agitation I have & relax so I can regroup. If possible, I will get outside & go birding.

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