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Dealing with a bad day

I had a few bad days. I felt like everything is hopeless and everyone is horrible. People disappoint you most of the time. When a few months passed and nothing bad happen you start to believe in people again, and then, you got “f….d” all over again.

Is bad and sucks. All I want to do is break, scream and swear.  I felt all of this in the last few days and it took me a while to realize that I am only hurting myself. I needed to throw away the negativity and angry and try to be happy.

Path in the forest

Thirst thing I did was to go for a run in the nature.  First km was really bad but after that I started to feel better. I know I am a good person and “what comes around goes around”.

Then I got home and eat something good to lift my spirits.

Chocolate Baklava

I had a glass of good wine with a long bath and then I watched a good movie.

Red wine

In the end I took it as a lesson. Everything that life throws at us is there to teach us something. My lesson in business: Stick to your rules, follow your gut and keep it simple.

How do you typically deal with such days?

P. S. I am happy I have a great family to help.


119 thoughts on “Dealing with a bad day

  1. My bad day remedy is to allow yourself to feel it. I put on some music, listen to music and cuddle in some blankets for an hour or so. Once my pity party is done I do something I find joy and meaning in, whether that’s cooking, dancing in my living room or having a long soak in the tub. Wine always helps too 😉

  2. I understand bad days and disappointment. When that happens to me I let myself acknowledge the feelings and what IS, do what is in to do within myself and any outer actions…boundary setting, clearing work etc…and read.or go for a walk to focus on better things.

  3. You gotta be proactive about this. Start your day with a glass of good wine, a long bath and a good movie. Why not do all three things at once to save time! 🙂
    Nice article. I can sympathise with your experience of those kinds of days.

  4. Hi. I just read this post now and I find it helpful. When my days at work bad or even at home I go to a yoga studio because yoga helps calm my mind and breathe to release tension. It’s therapeutic for me.😊😊

  5. I am single, and have no friends(by choice) or family nearby and live alone. I do have my dog though. I found that I have had to change thanks to him.
    I used to be angry and quick tempered, and fast to lash out at anything that annoyed me. But when I got my dog, he was very nervous and scared by everything, and being a greyhound, he looked very delicate, so I couldn’t just hit him when he did something wrong, which was often thanks to his nerves.
    Now after 5 years, he is over his nerves, but I have learned to calm down and not get angry at the least little thing.
    I still have bad days, but there is nothing a greyhound cuddle can’t fix. And we do therapy work, to share the cuddles.

      1. He is leaving his PhD programme. He will be okay in six months! You’ve done the right thing by going for a run outside, but I wouldn’t be feeling better after the first mile, I’d be needing a hospital.

  6. I enjoyed this post. It’s a good reminder to give ourselves time to take care of ourselves. And sometimes it is just to indulge in stuff that we like to lick our wounds. Simple as that, but often we don’t allow ourselves that time. That’s my take-away from your post. 🙂

  7. Good music tends to calm me down better than other methods can. I find that whilst listening to the sort of song with the capacity to calm me down I breathe better, and that leaves me in a position of peace to think about the meaning of the troubles my day has brought for me.

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