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Ice cream for kids II

Ice cream with fruits

Let’s do another summer delight for kids. No alcohol this time.

Have a trip with your kids in a near village and find fresh fruits. I have fresh fruits in our garden, so I collect them with my kid. We have raspberries and cherries. My mom has in the garden red and black currant.

Go and find blueberries, raspberries and wild strawberries in the forest. We have a lot in our area. When you have the fresh fruits you are ready to make your dessert.

I like vanilla ice cream so I am always gone use vanilla, but you can use any ice cream you love.


  • Raspberries
  • Cherries
  • Red and black currant
  • Vanilla ice cream


Set ice cream out to soften. Prepare the glasses. Lay a layer of fruits and add a scoop of ice cream. Repeat until the glass is full.

Decorate the glass with cherries and enjoy the dessert.


Fresh fruits


26 thoughts on “Ice cream for kids II

  1. I can find everything to make this treat; except for the red and black currant. I have never seen those in the Princeton (NJ USA) area farmers’ markets or grocery store, not even the upscale ones.

  2. Another great idea, Gabi! As you can se from the responses, this appeals to adults too.

    “I think we should start a family.”

    “OK, but I thought you…”

    “I want to try this recipe that’s why!”

    (Extremely realistic scenario, by the way.)

  3. Last year I found out that you can make instant ice cream by running frozen banana chunks through a food processor with a little milk (dairy or non) and vanilla extract! No need for added sugar, a real healthy treat!

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