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Dealing with a bad day

I had a few bad days. I felt like everything is hopeless and everyone is horrible. People disappoint you most of the time. When a few months passed and nothing bad happen you start to believe in people again, and then, you got “f….d” all over again.

Is bad and sucks. All I want to do is break, scream and swear.  I felt all of this in the last few days and it took me a while to realize that I am only hurting myself. I needed to throw away the negativity and angry and try to be happy.

Path in the forest

Thirst thing I did was to go for a run in the nature.  First km was really bad but after that I started to feel better. I know I am a good person and “what comes around goes around”.

Then I got home and eat something good to lift my spirits.

Chocolate Baklava

I had a glass of good wine with a long bath and then I watched a good movie.

Red wine

In the end I took it as a lesson. Everything that life throws at us is there to teach us something. My lesson in business: Stick to your rules, follow your gut and keep it simple.

How do you typically deal with such days?

P. S. I am happy I have a great family to help.


104 thoughts on “Dealing with a bad day”

  1. My bad day remedy is to allow yourself to feel it. I put on some music, listen to music and cuddle in some blankets for an hour or so. Once my pity party is done I do something I find joy and meaning in, whether that’s cooking, dancing in my living room or having a long soak in the tub. Wine always helps too 😉

  2. I understand bad days and disappointment. When that happens to me I let myself acknowledge the feelings and what IS, do what is in to do within myself and any outer actions…boundary setting, clearing work etc…and read.or go for a walk to focus on better things.

  3. You gotta be proactive about this. Start your day with a glass of good wine, a long bath and a good movie. Why not do all three things at once to save time! 🙂
    Nice article. I can sympathise with your experience of those kinds of days.

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