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Green juices for a hot summer

Green! Green! Green!

It is summer but it is still green outside. So go out and enjoy it before it’s too late. I prepared for you a list of green juices for the summer. Add ice if it is too hot and relax.

  1. Stinging nettle tea – great source of energy this is one of my favorites

    Stinging nettle tea
  2. Spinach and cucumber smoothie – lots of vitamins in a glass

    green smoothie
    Spinach and cucumber smoothie
  3. Spinach and radishes juice – if you like radishes, this one is for you

    Spinach and radishes juice
  4. Parsley juice – this one is for the ones that love parsley

    Parsley juice
  5. Kiwi and avocado juice – vitamins and minerals and good fats

    Kiwi and avocado juice


And a bonus for this list is a special treat for me:  Green omelet in the oven. One of the best omelets I ever tried. You start the day with a different attitude after this omelet.

Green omelet

Don’t forget to tell me all about yours juice.



38 thoughts on “Green juices for a hot summer”

  1. Everything sounds so delicious! Do not even know where to start :). I love that you have radishes in your recipes – not that many people appreciate this vegetable.

  2. Your photos are at least as tempting as the drinks!.

    Spinach and cucumber is particularly appealing, I juiced a cucumber last summer, and it turned August into April. I only can imagine what your healthy concoction will do!

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