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Stinging nettle tea

Stinging nettle tea

In January I wrote about Cherry stem tea and today I am gone give you the recipe for Stinging nettle tea. You need to start to read about stinging nettle and know how good are for you. Go back to the nature and enjoy healthy really bio green stuff.

This recipe can be made with fresh nettles or dried ones, so it is great all year long. It is also the same recipe as the Cherry stem tea but the time is different.


  • ½ liter water
  • One hand of fresh stinging nettles


Boil the nettles for 2 minutes and then let it steep for 5 minutes. Drink it cold or warm.

Enjoy the green!



39 thoughts on “Stinging nettle tea

  1. We make borș from nettles in the spring, and eat them as a vegetable in place of spinach, in fact we have some borș made right now. In either case they must be very young, as they appear in early spring, otherwise they’re too tough. But they can be collected and frozen just like spinach.

  2. I have made this, as well as stinging nettle soup. It is a delicious culinary ingredient, and I always feel that eating them is sweet revenge for all the times I’ve accidentally weeded them out of the garden and got stung!

  3. I used to have nettles growing in my backyard and now can usually find them at the farmers markets at this time of year. Thanks so much for the reminder.
    The other day I had a pizza with nettles! So creative.

  4. I haven’t heard of nettle tea in years, since it was recommended to me to keep my milk good during breastfeeding. Good stuff, and makes strong children. Now I’m encouraged to put it back in my tea cabinet!!

    1. i was searching online & found this RED TEA i second guessed it (cause I’m a big procrastinator) but still bought it MAN DOES IT DO WONDERS!! its all natural with like super powers it tackles EVERYTHING from midnight cravings to tiredness i love it! i use it in the mornings & around the time i want a midnight snack, its a definite gift! its even maintained my weight i gain pounds fast but since i been drinking it i havint gained but actually havint loss neither (idc for working out I’m old) lol but heres a link if you wanna try it https://pickclick22.wordpress.com/2019/05/04/dont-pick-today-to-procrastinate-you-only-have-4-7-weeks-to-melt-them-lady-lumps-away-tada/http://bit.ly/300kNYn

      1. I just now found your comment! While your link no longer works, I checked out red tea – that looks awesome! Thank you for the further recommendation!

  5. Shall definitely try this, I have an inexhaustible supply of nettles in my untidy garden, I just have to wait for them to grow back again. I drink all sorts of tea.

  6. I had this and I think is awful. It was bitter and treated like literally eating grass. No offense.

      1. oh okay i do still have the tea…i just do not eat sugar anymore. I guess I just need naturally sweet teas or non bitter ones. The health benefit are good though. Thanks!

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