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Bad day – good day in the kitchen

Yesterday started bad but ended good. I am talking about cooking not other things. I prepared another batch of baked potatoes like the ones in the photo. I calculated 1 – 2 hours till the child will start screaming:”Mommy, I am hungry!”

Baked potatoes 

I opened the oven and putted the tray inside. I turned the oven on and surprise: It was not working. I tried everything but nothing worked. I called my husband and he got the same result. He called a friend to come and help. He is a great electrician. He said is gone take a while. I was leaving home for a German course and I knew I am gone be gone for a few hours, so I thought I need to leave some food for the child. Husband is an adult and can take care of himself.

Anyway, I had an idea: I am gone take some potatoes from the tray that I prepared and boiled them and made them with sour cream and dill. In another pot I took the chicken liver and made it with beer and garlic.

Chicken liver was supposed to go on top of the potatoes in the oven.

In the end, I managed to make something to eat for my kid before leaving the house.

Is the first time when I tried something different with chicken liver: I put the liver in melted butter and let it cook for a few minutes and then I added 100 ml beer and 3 garlic gloves and let it simmer for another minutes on small fire.

When I was in the middle of cooking the power went off. Outside was a storm. I was lucky that our stove is not connected to power, otherwise I was doomed. Our friend came and checked the oven in the same time we didn’t have any power. HA! HA!

In the middle of his checking the power came on. Great! But, still no oven, and now we have to wait for the guys from the shop to come and repair it.

Chicken liver in beer with new potatoes

All I can say in the end is that I tasted the food before I left the house and I was surprised how good it was. When I got home my husband told me that my kid and my neighbor kid ate a full plate of liver and potatoes and they loved it.

So this is another cooking improvisation that went well. Do you have any good recipes coming from improvisations in the kitchen? Please, share it with me! I would love to hear all about it.

Enjoy cooking!


33 thoughts on “Bad day – good day in the kitchen

  1. Haha what a day! Glad it all worked out. I just made some cupcakes with improv frosting… the jury’s still out on if they turned out good or not!

  2. I love improvising on foods. Recently, I made couscous with just olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan. It needed a lot more to give it flavor. Next time, I’ll make it with fresh herbs, raisins, chopped onions and peppers, and pecans or pistachios. Yumm.

  3. Crumbs ! – a bad day, alright ! You must’ve wondered if you had offended some deity. 🙂
    Alas for me, I don’t like liver of any kind, nor kidneys; but any other offal is fine. I think it’s the texture that upsets. And yes, I’ve heard that for you genuine cooks, it’s often that a quickly-invented shortcut to something ends up being terrific – well done you. So good for your child, I know …

  4. 🙂 That reminds of vacation cooking, when you don’t quite have the right stuff or the right pots and pans, but you somehow manage to cook. It must be catching — our dryer went out this week!

  5. Omigosh! That happened to me one time!!! I was making stuffed peppers and at some point the oven died (no clue when) so we finished them in the toaster oven. We call them “twice baked stuff peppers” and they were the best things ever.

  6. A double triumph, both in overcoming the difficulty, and in producing two delectable dishes. Quite impressive!

    Naturally, it shows that when you have talent, as you do, your culinary instincts are good, broken oven or not. You weren’t lucky, you made this happen!

  7. okay, so the big question: is the oven fixed???? 🙂 You are obviously extremely talented and experienced in getting food prepared AND getting it tasty. It’s soooo frustrating to have the stove/oven/whatever break right in the middle of the preparation. We once had the power go off while I was using a bread machine. *grin* I had to guess where the machine had gotten to and then try to pick it up and do the rest manually. I’m not a big fan of liver but garlic/beer/dill could probably make even that taste good. 🙂 Well done!

  8. I love lover and that sounds great! Pretty much everything I make is improvised. I start with a recipe, I swear! But somehow… I get distracted/creative/lazy and something else winds up getting made. I’ve started blogging about it recently, along with my regular posts, because I find it so amusing. I’m only cooking for one, so there isn’t much at risk when something turns out to be terrible! Might as well laugh about it, right? 🤣

  9. The power went out when I was making cassoulet in a big enmeled cast iron pot once so we just stuck it in fire in the fireplace. It tasted smokey but came out fine!

  10. Improvisation is a great skill to have in the kitchen. Many cooks can improvise but you managed to improvise under adverse conditions and it looks like you discovered a new way to prepare a meal. Fantastic! Thanks for checking out my blog and best of luck with your adventures!

  11. I am glad it worked out. That is great! Sometimes, I can get so mad when a recipe fails, but then I think about how fortunate I am to have food and all. I haven’t tried cooking chicken livers in a long time. Maybe I will try again. You have inspired me.

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