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Green juices for a hot summer

Green! Green! Green!

It is summer but it is still green outside. So go out and enjoy it before it’s too late. I prepared for you a list of green juices for the summer. Add ice if it is too hot and relax.

  1. Stinging nettle tea – great source of energy this is one of my favorites

    Stinging nettle tea
  2. Spinach and cucumber smoothie – lots of vitamins in a glass

    green smoothie
    Spinach and cucumber smoothie
  3. Spinach and radishes juice – if you like radishes, this one is for you

    Spinach and radishes juice
  4. Parsley juice – this one is for the ones that love parsley

    Parsley juice
  5. Kiwi and avocado juice – vitamins and minerals and good fats

    Kiwi and avocado juice


And a bonus for this list is a special treat for me:  Green omelet in the oven. One of the best omelets I ever tried. You start the day with a different attitude after this omelet.

Green omelet

Don’t forget to tell me all about yours juice.



40 thoughts on “Green juices for a hot summer

  1. Everything sounds so delicious! Do not even know where to start :). I love that you have radishes in your recipes – not that many people appreciate this vegetable.

  2. Your photos are at least as tempting as the drinks!.

    Spinach and cucumber is particularly appealing, I juiced a cucumber last summer, and it turned August into April. I only can imagine what your healthy concoction will do!

  3. Hey! they look delicious. I like kiwi and avocado juice. I’m a smoothie lover, so the pics on your homepage really caught my attention. I’d like to learn how to make a smoothie with orange juice and maybe other ingredients that give us more vitamins. You must know one for sure. Congrats on your post!
    In case you want to visit my blog you can do it at any time and comment on whatever you desire. Hope you see you around. Huggies!

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