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Food For Thought


Today, eating healthy is a MUST.

Before the 1989 Revolution, we (Romanians) lived under communism for lots of years. My childhood was a happy one not because of communism but because my parents made it happy.

We grew up with a few toys, some food and expensive books. All we had was 3 or 4 types of cakes in some shops that looked like prisons.

We had everything on food cart: bread, milk, eggs, sugar, etc.

My parents took us out in the summer and the only thing to eat was minced meat rolls with mustard and bread. For kids a juice and adults a beer and that was it. A very expensive day in the city. The rest of the days we were eating home.

Everything you bought from the store was healthy because we were too poor to use chemicals when we made it. So the food was healthy and I don’t think it will get as healthy as it was again.

As you notice, the food in the store these days is getting each day more toxic.

Teaching my son about eating healthy is a long and difficult process. Why? Look around. All the store food, all the commercials are all around us. Is not a fair fight. My fight is also with other parents who don’t care about their children serving them all day this junk food.

I can’t think of any reasons why we continue to poison our food and our Earth. We have one life and we should appreciate it every single second.

I had my son and I know is my responsibility to raise him healthy and a great person. I am responsible for his life until he grows up and can take care for himself. Why would I jeopardize his health and future knowingly?

So, most of our meals are homemade. We look around us for healthy products, natural products. We have a little vegetable garden and trees. We use natural fertilizer for the soil and we don’t spray them with any chemicals.

We must think about our children’s health. We must teach them to respect our planet, to respect themselves, their bodies and minds.

This is just some food for thought for everybody.


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