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Rice pudding in layers


From the traditional rice pudding, I prepared a beautiful dessert in layers with vanilla and chocolate.

Sanna Tiisanoja from Sanna Essential Oils sent me a while ago some essential oils to use in my kitchen. I used the lemon one for this dessert and I loved it. With only just a drop of it, I gave my pudding a hint of lemon which goes great with vanilla and chocolate.

I used my rice pudding recipe with just a few changes. I changed the rum extract with a drop of lemon essential oil. Also, I add to half of the rice pudding 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder.

I let everything to cool down and then I start making preparing the dessert.

I used 4 whisky glasses and I made 3 chocolate layers and 2 vanilla layers. I decorated them with coconut flakes because my top layer was a chocolate one. If you finish with a vanilla one, decorate with cocoa powder to get a contrast.

Serve it cold from the fridge or at room temperature. Enjoy!

On Sanna Essential Oils you can find how to use essential oils.


66 thoughts on “Rice pudding in layers

  1. I love rice pudding. It’s funny, I hadn’t eaten it in years and just had some at a restaurant this past Sunday. I had some once at a Thai restaurant in Seattle they made with coconut milk that I’ll never forget. It was delicious. And made with black rice.

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