Cooking fails

We all enter in the kitchen with high hopes, but sometimes our hopes are crushed at the end of the cooking session. Last evening fail in the kitchen inspired me to write this post for all us. Maybe this happens often, maybe only once in a while. Still, when it happens I feel so nervous and mad not about the fail, but about the food waste.

I have no photos, because I don’t know how to take photos of something that doesn’t look good or taste bad. But, we all learn from our mistakes or others.

Last evening I intended to do a Romanian dish which is something like a ratatouille. I found the recipe on the internet, but I realized that it needed more time in the oven than it was on the site. This is a good fail, because I can leave the dish more in the oven or change it in something else. I already got 2 ideas. But, sometimes you just waste food because the recipe is no good or you did not respect the recipe, or in my case my stove is so old that I don’t have too much control of it.

Anyway, get in the kitchen and do it again. Learn something from the experience and move on or you will be stuck. Even the best chefs screw up in the kitchen once in a while.

You control your kitchen, not the other way around.

Good luck!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill


101 thoughts on “Cooking fails

  1. Years ago I got a new oven as the old one was never hot enough. For several weeks I burnt everything till I got the hang of the new one. I put in pizzas for 25 min (as was what I had to do for the old oven-most ovens are 10-15 min) and as you can imagine they were burnt and stiff. I rolled them across the kitchen floor like hula hoops to amuse the kids.

  2. Great advise, we all make mistakes, mistakes are actually good! But if the same one happens more than a few times.. that’s not too good.. as my tutor would say :p

  3. I love this. My mother has this bit of kitchen wisdom “If you don’t ruin stuff, you’ll never learn”. She says this in Greek, and in that language, it rhymes 🙂 but the meaning is translatable into every language !

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