Autumn inspiration



Roasted Eggplant Fan

baked eggplant with tomatoes and cheese

Roasted eggplant with lemon garlic sauce

roasted eggplant

Baked pumpkin with porcini mushrooms and bacon


Pumpkin soup with turmeric

pumpkin soup

Pear and yogurt tart


Cake with pears

cake with pears

Plum crumble

plum crumble

Glazed quinces and chocolate syrup


Traditional wine making process

traditional wine making process



63 thoughts on “Autumn inspiration

  1. Every time I see your post you make me want to start cooking immediately! I bookmarked this to make that soul-warming goulash and couple of pear desserts. Wine making reminded me of my home country Georgia, it’s the harvest time there soon and wine making will be in full swing ❀ xoxo, nano

  2. I get inspired by autumn this time of year too. I was just thinking that I need to buy cider and hard squash. And make an apple pie.

  3. I love eggplant and I think of it for fall too. This post was amazing and I will be very good if heaven looks like this (which I really hope).

  4. I’m currently studying culinary arts and your posts will be helpful to me! This looks.. bloody satisfying ! Yum.

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