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Wild strawberry milkshake

wild strawberries

For me, heaven is a cup of wild strawberries. They have an amazing flavor, especially the ones in the forest. I have in the garden, but the flavor is not so strong. Anyway, they are heaven on earth, so eat them as much as you can : fresh,  in milkshakes, in cakes, with sour cream, etc. I know you have lots of recipes in which you can use those amazing fruits. This recipe is so simple, so healthy, gluten free, vegetarian and taste amazing.



– 1 cup wild strawberries

– 100 ml rice milk

– 1 banana


Put everything in a blender. Serve it immediately or  leave it in the fridge for 1 hour in a hot day. I decorated with mint leaves and wild strawberries. Enjoy!



72 thoughts on “Wild strawberry milkshake

  1. Delicious. I love how wild strawberries have a mildly tart tingle in them, as well as a beautiful flavor. So good for you too.

  2. Sounds fab – I’m interested that wild strawberries have a different flavour to those you grow in your garden or buy from the supermarket. Sadly no wild strawberries around here – elderflower, yes – I have that by the bucket-load. Maybe we need to set up a barter community 🙂 Dawn x

  3. Strawberries!! I am always celebrating the start of the season with a bowl full of strawberries and whipped cream 🙂 Your recipe sounds very interesting and absolutely worth to prepare it 🙂

  4. Wild strawberries taste so intense and different to the big ones, I bet this shake is amazing!!

  5. Love me some wild strawberries, but now that I’ve moved to the city, I rarely see them. Just your pictures make me happy! ❤

  6. I’ve never been able to get a strawberry milkshake recipe quite right but this looks like a winner!!

  7. I make this shake all the time but I bet it’s more delicious with wild strawberries. I freeze my ripe bananas and use them in the smoothie instead of ice. You take great photos. Love your blogs!

  8. Little wild strawberries are still shy to come out in Ireland… But soon; everything is a bit later. I always feel a bit guilty so I leave them for the local wildlife. Probably because I feel there is so few around here. I’d say your milkshake must have tasted amazing though! 😉

  9. Very creative images. Locally we have to go to the mountains to find wild strawberries in the middle of summer, but they are totally unlike the big ones in the market – so sweet and flavorful.

  10. I know what you mean! Wild strawberries are so different. The variety that I grow in my garden are so tiny but extremely soft and sweet 🙂

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