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Save the dessert

Oreos and chocolate dessert

Yesterday I wanted crepes so I made the batter and then I let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes. I don’t have a crepes pan so I used the one I have for omelets. It didn’t go very well. I tried to make one crepes and it went bad so I had to do something else with the batter.

So, save the dessert. My kid wanted crepes and all I could give him was raw batter. Anyway, I checked my fridge and my cabinets and I thought to make something like a pie or a huge pancake.

So I add some yogurt and rum and vanilla essence, more flour, milk and some mineral water and when I made another bather – a little bit harder I put it in a tray.

On top I add some crushed Oreos and chocolate and I put it in the oven.

Baked it for 25-30 minutes or until was done. My kid loved the “Surprised dessert”


Oreos and chocolate dessert

53 thoughts on “Save the dessert

  1. Cool… now I want to mess up my Sunday brunch deliberately, so I could try out your accidental recipe 😜

  2. Sorry to hear you had a crepe fail but your make do was a success.

    I make my crepes in a 9″ cast iron frying pan. As long as you season your pan so it doesn’t stick and preheat it (a bit below medium on my stove cause the pan gets HOT) you shouldn’t have any problems. My crepe batter is a very simple one … flour, milk/water combo, eggs, a pinch of salt and vegetable oil if you’re going to refrigerate the batter overnight. (You can use melted butter if you’re making it same day.) … basic crepe recipe … a fancy fresh fruit version

  3. Good save!
    When using a pan for crêpes, it’s important to spread the batter very thinly. Hold the pan up in the air on a slant and let the batter thinly coat the pan by using a ladle and letting the batter run around the pan. Hope this helps for the next time.

  4. I love that you id not waste it but instead decided to be creative! It looks yummy!

  5. yes, the oreo and chocolate dessert looks great, but, where is the whole recipe, since I want to make it, like now!!! You liked the brownie recipe I posted, so, if possible, please post the recipe for this crepe-like dessert! thx! Marilyn Raff

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